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Don’t miss out on the UEFA EURO 2016

Our brand-new Doodle European Championship scheduler brings friends and football together! Doodle quickly creates a poll with the dates and times of your favourite team’s matches. Start now!

euroSpecial EN

All the fun and excitement without effort! May the best team win.

– Your Doodle Team

Carnival and Productivity by Doodle

Doodle is not only a good tool to organise business meetings or a dinner with your friends. It can also be very helpful when scheduling your carnival party! Especially Brazilians appreciate Doodle in this time of the year as Carnival is one of the most, if not the most important festivity in Brazil.

DoodleCarnaval_02Carnival has also a lot to do with Productivity! First, Carnival is a huge economic factor for Brazil, be it for Brazilians that travel during the Carnival holidays or for foreigners coming to Brazil, especially to Rio de Janeiro, where the biggest Carnival procession happens, in the so called Sambódromo.

So Doodle is used to organise the many hundreds of official events, the thousands of private parties and also for foreigners to book themselves into the happenings in this great South American country.

Another interesting productivity aspect is the flexibility and the capacity of Brazilians to improvise. It seems that before the big Carnival procession starts, that everything is a big big chaos… but few minutes or even seconds before everything starts, the Carnival groups suddenly organise themselves very quickly and the procession looks perfect, as you can see here in this picture:


Doodle goes Brazil – 

Source/Copyright: rio.com

Happy Celebrating – Your Doodle Team

Doodle online scheduling in Brazil

Watch these friends in Brazil organise their beach-football game in Rio – scheduling with Doodle is easy and saves time for the real things in life.

Your Doodle Team

Doodle gets you ready for the Rugby World Cup in England

Rugby fan? Amateur player? Here’s some tips to make sure you’re on form for the upcoming World Cup.

On 18th September England will host the eighth ever Rugby World Cup. Over the tournament, 48 games of rugby will be played across 13 different venues in 11 host cities. 20 participating teams will sell out 2.3 million seats and draw in nearly half a million international visitors.

This is a hugely exciting time for all rugby enthusiasts, but how can you make the most of this special occasion.

Never miss a match …

With nearly fifty matches to watch, a game or two could easily slip past you. This handy app lets you select your team and then automatically imports all the fixtures into your calendar. Never miss a match again!

England gets ready for the RWC2015

England gets ready for the RWC2015

Watching the matches with your mates

It’s probably safe to say that you’ll be rounding up your mates, work colleagues and team mates to watch your side’s matches. But what about the other teams you’re hoping to watch such as the almighty All Blacks or the brave Wallabies from Down Under.

Find out if your mates, colleagues or team mates are free to watch even more matches by sending a quick and easy Doodle poll. You simply set up an event online, add all the dates and times of the matches and then send the invitation link to your rugby pals. All they then have to do is select the times they’re available and the matches they want to see and the clever tool works out the best time for everyone and notifies you.

Where to watch …

With England’s games being played on a Saturday night, you may want to avoid any TV clashes with the likes of Strictly and X-Factor by checking out where you can watch the game locally. You can use The Pub Finder to find those local gems.

This year, all the games are being shown on ITV, so chances are any pub worth its salt will be showing the games. Time Out have a great list of the best London pubs to watch rugby so make sure you get a group together and try them out … maybe all of them. If you really want to get into the spirit, then visit one of the 14 Fanzones where you can watch all the action.

How to stay in the know …

With so many games going on and so many players to get to grips with, you’re probably going to need a little help keeping your rugby facts on point. Download ITV’s Rugby World Cup app to find out all the vital stats and impress your mates. You can even turn on alerts from the BBC Sport app, so you’ll be the first in the office to find out the latest news.

Make the most of RWC 2015

Get inspired from the fantastic rugby games you’ll be watching! Maybe you could see if your friends, family or colleagues fancy setting up an amateur team. Depending on the skill levels you could start out with a friendly game of touch rugby. Keep practices and match times organised using Doodle to see when works best for everyone. Make sure to factor in the important post-practice/match pub session into any event.

Your Doodle Team


At Doodle, we wanted to find out if Brits ever cancelled on their mates after making plans and if so, what do they say to their mates to let them down. Are they always honest?

The results showed that a staggering 81% of Brits admit to telling ‘porkies’ to get out of pre-arranged plans.

With almost half (48%) admitting to cancelling on friends at least once a month, the research also revealed the top excuses Brits use to save face when ducking out of plans.

63% use the classic sickness bug to get out of social plans, over a fifth (23%) blame family birthdays and get-togethers, and 15% put it down to forgetfulness. Shockingly, even a death in the family isn’t off limits, with 5% using this distasteful excuse to back out of pre-arranged plans.

In reality, the reasons Brits are bailing are far more lame.

Tiredness tops the list of blowing off plans (41%) followed by ‘could no longer be bothered’ (33%), a lack of money (29%) and for almost 1 in 10 (8%), a night in binging on Netflix is more appealing than a date with their mates.

Poor planning also emerged as a big issue with 18% admitting to double booking themselves, and having to cancel plans as a result. They could easily avoid this issue by being better organised and using a tool like Doodle to make sure al friends are on the same page.

To help you spot if a friend is bailing on you in future here are the top five excuses we found Brits using:

1. I’m too ill
2. It’s my nan’s birthday – I can’t get out of it
3. I have to look after a sick family member
4. I completely forgot!
5. I was so tired I just fell asleep

And here are the top five reasons they are actually dropping out:

1. I was too knackered
2. I couldn’t be bothered
3. Completely broke
4. I had double booked myself
5. I wanted to see my boyfriend/girlfriend

The research also revealed that women are more likely to fabricate an excuse when cancelling, with 83% admitting to stretching the truth. And, a jaw dropping 91% of people 25-34 years regularly tell porkies to avoid a meet-up with a mate.

It appears that Brits would rather tell a few elaborate porkies than confess their lame excuses for bailing on their so-called mates. Perhaps with better planning and a little more honesty, we’re more likely to keep our friendships and our conscience intact.

Doodle strategy at work

The beginning of 2015 saw the Doodle Team and our colleagues from Tamedia Digital work on strategic subjects. The core of our work was based on findings, that an international branding agency gathered in the past weeks.

Feedback from Doodle Users

Feedback from Doodle Users

Many Doodle users were interviewed and helped us understand questions such as:
what makes Doodle such a great tool for more than 24m users per month around the globe? What is missing? How do we tackle the tasks in 2015 and the years to come? What can we take from our findings in 2014 and use these as the base for our way forward?

To tell you the truth: it was an intense day with hefty discussions and it was fantastic to be guided by Christian and his team from edenspiekermann_ from Berlin. The outcomes will come up in the coming weeks and we’ll make Doodle an even better scheduling tool for all of you. We’ll continue to help bringing people together from around the globe.

We’ll keep you posted – promised!

The Awesome Doodle Team