Stone Age at work: Professionals still spend too much time scheduling meetings

Doodle Presents Second International Study on Scheduling Trends

Zürich, 26.10.2010. Doodle, the world’s leading online scheduling service, commissioned their second study on international scheduling trends and unearthed some very interesting results. 1,500 professionals in administrative and managerial positions were surveyed in Germany, France, and the United States. The majority of respondents still use traditional forms of communication like telephone calls and e-mail to make appointments, and they spend about six working weeks per year scheduling meetings.

Respondents needed an average of 4 3/4 hours per week to arrange nine meetings with seven parties involved. Almost a quarter of workers needed seven or more hours per week to coordinate their appointments. Before a single participant was sitting in a conference room, initiators had spent over half an hour arranging the meeting.

Just like in the previous study from 2009, e-mail and desktop calendars are the most used scheduling tools, followed by phone calls and online calendars. Specialized online tools for scheduling (such as Doodle) are still only used as primary scheduling solutions by a small minority of people.

Desktop and online calendars in use

A parallel on-site survey of 385 occupational Doodle users revealed that online scheduling can be a real timesaver. With 15 minutes per meeting, Doodle users need half the time to coordinate an event in comparison to the respondents of the international study.

It was also discovered that almost 80% of meeting participants have different calendar systems, and 90% of the respondents say that they “too often” or “very often” need access to a calendar in a different system. 88% of the interviewees said that they’re annoyed when participants either do not respond or respond too late to meeting invitations. These issues would be resolved by using specialized online scheduling services that make the process of scheduling a lot more efficient.

Michael Näf, Doodle’s Founder and CEO, says:

“The potential for saving time that this study reveals is huge. We have rapidly improved our business solution and the professional functionality in Doodle in recent updates, and we can say that Doodle is ready to be used in the office. It’s up to the companies to engage in new and better methods of communication so that their employees can save a lot of time and avoid stress when scheduling meetings.”

About the study

The second international study on scheduling trends was commissioned by Doodle and conducted by LM Research & Marketing Consultancy (London) in September 2010. 1,500 professionals in managerial and administrative positions were surveyed online in Germany, France, and the United States. In a parallel on-site survey, 385 people who use Doodle for business meetings were questioned.

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  2. All the tools Doodle uses are fine- IF recipients allow Doodle into their email inboxes.
    What if I PERSONALLY need to notify invitees who would otherwise not know about a poll or schedule I’m running? Is there a link I can directly provide them for my poll?

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