Meeting Nightmare Contest

Tell us about your worst scheduling experience and you could win a Samsung Galaxy and other nice prizes!

meeting nightmare
What was your worst scheduling nightmare?

Let’s face it, many of us have a love-hate relationship with meetings. In fact, that may be a kind way of describing the feelings that some of us have about meetings. Whether you like them or not, meetings are essential in many situations, and being a part of them is a fact of life for the majority of people in the business world. That’s why we’re building Doodle, to take the pain out of finding meeting times that work for everyone. We’ve heard so often about the great relief from our users over the years when they started to use online scheduling tools.

Because of this, we’re hosting the Meeting Nightmare Contest and we want to hear your stories about the worst scheduling nightmare that you ever experienced. If you share your story with us, you could win one of our prize packages! Don’t be shy – let’s look back on these experiences and find the humor in them.


  • Entries – You can submit your scheduling nightmare stories to us from October 25th to November 12th. We must receive your submission in this time period in order for your entry to be valid. You can tell your story in any way that you’d like (on your blog, in a YouTube video, etc.), but we ask that you send the link to us on Twitter (@doodletweet) using the hashtag #meetingnightmare. If you’re not a Twitter user, you can send the link to your story through e-mail to: Your actual story can also be submitted by sending it to this address. By sending your story, you give Doodle permission to use it in our marketing activities, and it will be attributed to you.
  • Judging – The Doodle team will select the top ten entries, and an expert jury will decide on the three winners. We’re very happy to present our outstanding jury group of productivity, usability and calendaring experts: Laura Stack (The Productivity Pro @laurastack), Prof. Lothar Seiwert (Europe´s leading expert in the field of time and life management @seiwert), Joe Tullio (Google) and Jean Oh (School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh)
  • Winners – The winning entries selected by the guest judges will be announced on November 22nd.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S smartphone
  2. Branded Doodle for one year and Doodle Chalk Board Calendar 2011 (not a product of us :))
  3. Online Swiss Army Knife Premium Bundle eKnife
  4. – 10. Premium Doodle annual subscriptions

Update: The contest has been closed. Read here the ten final stories and who got the prices!

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