Doodle launches cutting-edge Doodle Unplugged scheduling tool

We’re happy to announce the launch of our latest product called Doodle Unplugged! Our online scheduling service is used by over ten million people worldwide, and we thought now would be a good time to develop an offline version for all of the Internet users who think “cloud scheduling” is too geeky. You can download it here:

Download Doodle Unplugged PDF-version with a click and print it on paper

Doodle Unplugged runs on a piece of paper and was designed by our offline user interface experts. Once the PDF file is downloaded and printed, users can create an event and write down some date and time suggestions.

The next step involves letting your participants specify what works best for them, and the piece of paper can be shared with the group by mail, fax, bicycle messenger, telegraph, or carrier pigeon. Once everyone has participated in the process, you’ll see what works best for the group and you can then schedule the event.

With Doodle Unplugged, you’ll be able to schedule your events in less than one year, and that’s our guarantee. Basic users can just use regular printer paper, but you can become a premium user by simply using higher quality paper.

Doodle’s Web version, of course, is still available for those who prefer traditional online scheduling.

Please let us know what you think!

4 comments on “Doodle launches cutting-edge Doodle Unplugged scheduling tool

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  2. Nothing better than a vendor with a sense of humor! A colleague set up a meeting with Doodle and now I’m a big fan! However, my 75 year old mother does email but that’s it. The Doodle unplugged will be a great tool for her to schedule all her church committee meetings. What a great idea!

  3. Ulrike Wood-Sichra

    Nothing beat an unplugged version, specially when your system has been hacked or infested … am not going to reveal my age nor my occupation, only one thing: I still have a dumb, flippable phone, which probably tells the whole story.

  4. Ulrike Wood-Sichra

    What is worse, even my grammar is off. It should read “Nothing beats …” above.

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