Doodle launches new online advertising format called Calendar Ads

Zürich, October 18, 2011 – With the launch of Calendar Ads today, Doodle is introducing a new method of online ad targeting. This new format will enable marketers to promote their future events in the calendar setting when people are actually planning events around that specific time. In a Doodle poll (where several time options are open for voting by the participants), the ad will appear below the specific date and reveal additional information when the user places their mouse cursor over it. This timely targeting has a high relevance for the users and is perfect for all kinds of events, including fairs, parties, and launches. The first tests of this advertising format in Germany and Switzerland have resulted in high performance and acceptance by the users.

Calendar Ad in timely context: reveals additional information upon mouse over

With Doodle, people all over the world schedule professional and personal meetings and events, either in a tabular poll or in the calendar view. Since Doodle’s users plan future events through the service, advertisers have a great opportunity to reach them while they’re deciding what they should do. Doodle reaches a global audience of over 10 million users (announced October 11, 2011 using data from Google Analytics) with more than 2 million users in the US alone. In Doodle’s home market of Switzerland, Doodle is already among the Top 10 online advertising platforms.

Doodle grows thanks to the strong viral nature of the service. The community is not only growing quickly, but the demographics of the community are also interesting. For example, Doodle has an equal number of male and female users, these users are highly educated and professional, they’re interactive and influential, and they use Doodle regularly.

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