Doodle launches MeetMe – the personal scheduling profile

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Zurich, February 8, 2011. Starting today, Doodle is offering a completely new way to schedule meeting times. The personal MeetMe profile gives you your own Web address (see example) and displays blocked times, which enables business partners and friends to directly enter several proposals for a time to meet. MeetMe connects to your electronic calendar through your MyDoodle account.

  • MeetMe encourages clever and friendly meeting requests: If people know your available times and the basic parameters, then they won’t suggest an appointment at the wrong time and cause confusion. With MeetMe, they can propose several options and you can select the one that works best for you, which makes MeetMe the most efficient way to setup 1:1 meetings.
  • MeetMe keeps you focused on your calendar: Instead of having to switch back and forth between your e-mail client and your calendar, you can answer meeting requests directly from your MeetMe page where all of your calendar data resides.
  • MeetMe works for everyone: Anyone can setup a free MeetMe page, and everyone on the Internet can use the MeetMe page to ask for an appointment whether they use Doodle or not. There’s also no need to use a shared calendar system.
  • MeetMe is the central contact point for scheduling: It highlights the availability without sharing the details of the calendar entries. The MeetMe page is personalized with a profile picture, time zone information, and a “Good to know” box for important details that you’d like to share with people who want to get a time slot with you.

“MeetMe is our first step in new territory,” said Doodle CEO, Michael Näf. “Until now, Doodle just focused on group scheduling. MeetMe radically simplifies the coordination when only two people want to meet.”

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