Doodle Facts 2011

10 facts about scheduling

This year, the team behind Doodle’s leading online scheduling service conducted a variety of surveys about scheduling, appointment management, productivity, and calendars. The main results are included below.


People spend almost four full days per year coordinating appointments
On average, people have six meetings per week and they spend 17 minutes scheduling each appointment. This time could be used to take a short vacation every year!

The more appointments people have, the less time they need when scheduling events
It might seem like people with a lot of appointments would have a hard time finding open slots, but in reality, the more appointments people have, the more efficient they are with scheduling. In fact, people with more than ten appointments per week can get each appointment scheduled in around seven minutes. These scheduling professionals are also more likely to use an online scheduling service and an electronic calendar.

Men and women use the same amount of time when setting up an appointment
Gender has no influence on the time used when scheduling an appointment.

It’s hard without a calendar
87% of Internet users use a calendar and 30% couldn’t imagine living without one. For 70% of calendar users, calendars are a tool to manage appointments, but for 25% of them, they’re also a place for personal notes (like a diary). This just confirms that calendars play an important role in our lives.

Half of Internet users stick with paper calendars
Paper dominates the world of appointments despite the fact that we live in a digital society. 49% of Internet users use a paper calendar as their main calendar, and if you look at the numbers even closer, you’ll see that 62% of women still prefer paper calendars. Only 21% of Doodle’s users continue to use paper calendars.

Most electronic calendar users aren’t completely satisfied
Only 30% of people who use electronic, Web-based, or mobile calendars are happy with them and don’t think that they need additional features. The rest would like to see additional features, such as the possibility to propose multiple options when scheduling an appointment and the capability to invite people who are using other calendar systems.

One out of five people already use an online scheduling service
While electronic calendar usage is limited, services that connect the dots are becoming very popular. 21% of Internet users in the US, France, and Germany regularly or occasionally use an online scheduling service to schedule appointments.

Two-thirds of the Swiss use online scheduling
Online scheduling is widely used by the Internet population in Doodle’s home market.

30,000 new appointments on Doodle every day
Every day in 2011, 30,000 business and personal meetings were scheduled worldwide via Doodle. This equals an average of 20 new Doodle polls per minute. Yes, Doodle helps a lot of people come together in an easier way.

Mobile scheduling tripled in 2011
The growth rates of Doodle’s mobile versions exploded in the last two years and tripled this year.

Conclusion: Save a lot of time and energy with a few clever clicks!
Too much time is spent on scheduling because email messages and phone calls still dominate the space. Scheduling experts show us that scheduling tools can dramatically change the way people feel about scheduling appointments.


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