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The Switch-over


It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies. From its start over ten years ago, Doodle has grown into one of the most popular scheduling tools worldwide, with millions of users and millions of polls created every month. If you meander through the memories in our blog, you’ll notice there’s been a lot of changes over the years, most recently with the launch of our redesign. The redesign brings effortless poll creation and management, as well as a fresh modern look.   

But now it’s time for the grand switch-over. From October 19th, 2017, the old version of the site will be retired, and the new redesigned version of Doodle will continue on as the official version. It’s time to crack a bottle of champagne on the hull and let it set sail.   


Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash


Doodle is the simplest way to find a time for a meeting or an event. First you create a poll with all the options you like, then you send it out to your friends or colleagues. They vote, and in minutes you have the time that best suits everyone’s busy schedules.

Based on feedback from our millions of users, we’ve refined the core features of Doodle and improved the process of poll creation and management. Now, you can set up a poll in only three quick steps. We’ve also polished the time-picker, and combined both date and time selection into the same page. In a snap, your poll is finished and you’ve sent out your invites.

Managing polls is just as easy as it’s ever been with new version. There’s one intuitive menu at the top of the page where you can find everything you need. Want to add another date or make it a hidden poll? A few clicks and your poll is updated and upgraded. As the votes come in, Doodle automatically highlights the best option with a star, so you can find it with a glance and set the date.

Doodle offers a direct calendar connection, so that the final option appears in your calendar automatically. It’s also easy to recognize scheduling conflicts when creating and participating in polls.   

step 2

Premium Doodle

Doodle offers several plans full of advanced features specifically designed for business professionals and teams.

With a Premium plan you’ll be able to send out private polls, with their own individual links, ensuring that only those you’ve specifically invited can participate in your poll.

This is also necessary to employ the Doodle’s handy ‘who is missing?’ feature that allows you to quickly view who has and who hasn’t participated in your poll. And what if you’re missing a few participants? With Premium Doodle you’ll be able to quickly see who you’ve invited to the poll and send out reminders directly to your participants encouraging them to make their selection before the poll closes. Premium business users can include a company logo or background and send out their polls without the ads, ensuring that their polls have a more professional quality.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.56.17 AM

Even more to come  

First we improved poll creation and management by streamlining the process to make it even more user-friendly. Next up is adding a little shine and design to the dashboard and improving the login and sign-up processes. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of Doodle as much as we do. Keep your eyes peeled for the new developments on the way.    

Doodle calendar integration improvements [Update]

With 20 million users, Doodle is the worlds largest and most successful tool for scheduling group events and we continuously work on improving our product. During the past weeks we worked on improving our calendar connection for Doodle.

Doodle’s calendar connection is one of the preferred options for people to choose Premium Doodle. We received a lot of feedback from our users regarding our synchronization feature and over the time one thing stuck out: Users do not want tentative events to be synchronized making their calendar unclear.

That’s why we chose to change this feature and only use the sync functionality with their final event from now on. This keeps you calendar tidy and you are still able to find all important events at a glimpse. Tentative events that were already synchronized will be smartly removed with the next synchronization initiated by yourself.

[Update as of 11 June 2014]

When we published the blogpost above, we were keen to getting some feedback from our Doodle users. And yes, we received a lot of feedback here on the blog and through our support hotline which we appreciate. It is the open communication which helps us improve our Doodle application.

Because of your comments we were able to understand how you use the calendar integration and which factors are important to you. Based on the overwhelming feedback from you to keep the temporary calendar entries up we decided to wind back the current version. With our current release, we now offer you the choice with every Doodle synchronization, whether you’d like to enter provisional dates in your calendar or whether you would like to only enter the final date(s).

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-11 um 11.10.08

Thanks again for everybody’s constructive feedback so far and for any comments on the changes within this release.

Your Doodle Team

Doodle introduces iCloud integration

iCloudLogoIf you’re an Apple user, then you probably know that iCloud enables you to store your content (including calendars) online and seamlessly share it with your other devices. As a Doodle user, you can now connect iCloud to Doodle so that your calendar data is synchronized with Doodle and iCloud.

This is great news for Apple users because the cloud-based integration means that the calendar data will always be available, current, and automatically shared with other devices.

To set it up, all you have to do is activate the option, sign in to iCloud, and you’re done. This feature does require a Premium Doodle account, and you can get additional information from this page.

Please try it out and let us know what you think!


Doodle launches new booking service called BookMe

We’re happy to announce that Doodle is expanding its product portfolio and launching a new service called BookMe. 85% of consumers use the Internet to search for local service providers*, but they primarily book their appointments offline. BookMe will put an end to the flood of phone calls by handling the booking of appointments for hairdressers, therapists, mechanics, consultants, music teachers, sports trainers, and other small and medium service providers. This new booking service is based on Doodle’s philosophy of radically simplifying the scheduling process, and it’s a useful tool for service providers who want to provide online tools for their customers.

How it works
BookMe can act as a standalone Web presence, and customers are able to book appointments with just a few clicks (see example). There’s no back and forth communication because the available times are the only ones that are displayed due to the live synchronization of an electronic calendar. For smaller service providers that can’t afford a dedicated receptionist, BookMe is an attractive option that provides reception, Web presence, reminder, and even marketing functionality. The subscriptions for this professional service are on a monthly basis per connected co-worker and include future updates.

More information

About BookMe

During development, we focused on creating a user-friendly and attractive interface that would enable customers to book appointments without experiencing any obstacles.

– Malte Schiebelmann, Product Manager

We believe that no one should have to waste time when scheduling appointments, and more than ten million Doodle users already save their precious time when scheduling group events. Since 2011, MeetMe has been the solution for one-on-one appointments, and starting today, BookMe simplifies client bookings for service providers.

– Michael Näf, CEO

*Local consumer review survey (2012)

Doodle’s premium business customers get license management

The Doodle team continuously works hard to refine Doodle’s free and premium services. Today we are happy to announce premium license management, which is a major improvement that’s available to all premium users with more than one license (Premium Doodle Business). The administrator of a business account will now be able to manage the active licenses in an individual way via a new dashboard.

The new user management enables the subscription owner to:

  • Whitelist premium users via email addresses or domains
  • Automatically inform users about their Premium Doodle Business license
  • View all active users of the subscription and see their usage
  • Remove users and/or domains in order to free up licenses or prevent misuse

New Premium Doodle Business administration dashboard

All of the regular premium features are still a part of the package, including branding, ad-free usage for the poll initiator and all participants, efficiency options, SSL encryption, and a corporate Doodle URL. The competitive price plans remain the same and depend on the number of licenses per organization.

We also want to thank our loyal premium customers, such as Thomas Cook, GROUPE ADEO, The Ohio State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and many more associations, small companies, enterprises, educational organizations, and local and federal authorities.

Doodle’s new premium offer

Doodle’s paid services are an important part in our product strategy, and like the free service, they are continually open for further development. The most recent release makes our premium offer even clearer – all price plans offer the same features unified under one name: Premium Doodle. Single users and small teams pay a small yearly fee while larger organizations get larger licenses. Premium Doodle includes ad-free branding, premium features, and SSL encryption for everyone. Businesses get an individual Doodle URL on top of that. The service also includes the full range of Doodle features, unlimited transactions, access to the mobile version, and calendar integration. Just like the free version, it’s accessible online, but it requires a personal account. The participants don’t need to provide any identification or account info, but they’ll see the branded theming from the poll initiator.

Premium Doodle is an attractive offer for people who frequently coordinate meetings and want to add some personal touches to the look of Doodle. Current users include individuals and companies of all sizes, as well as authorities, institutions, and private associations. The price plans are determined by the number of active users (the number of participants remains unlimited), which makes Premium Doodle attractive for smaller teams who get the full package at a low price.

More information on Premium Doodle.

eKnife: Swiss efficiency to the power of three

You know Doodle but do you use Wuala and Memonic as well? With Wuala you can store your files securely online, Memonic allows you to clip essential information from websites and access it from every computer or mobile device.

Wuala, Memonic and Doodle stand for excellent Swiss web services that help you to more easily organize your life and access your information. We want to make it even easier for you to enter the world of Swiss efficiency with our premium bundle eKnife that is launched today: get three Swiss web services upgraded at the price of one! The promotion is available at for 59 CHF/44 € through December, and gives the users access to Premium Doodle, a premium Memonic account, and 10 GB of online storage on Wuala for one year.

A big thank you goes to the three top Swiss bloggers  @leumund@bloggingtom and @michelrossier who were involved when the idea of a Swiss premium bundle was triggered by a conversation on Twitter.

Read more in our press release!