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Paper sells

Our latest product called Doodle Unplugged was launched last week and has been covered as bringing about a “back to paper” trend! Take a look:


Funny Businesses For Ex-Lovers and Office Meetings

It’s called a piece of paper.



Paper Making a Comeback at Doodle

Speaking of the digital trend, one outfit has come full circle.

Flack Me


Doodle takes its scheduling service offline … to paper.

the Rude baguette


These and other great responses have encouraged us to go to the next level. How about Doodle on the Rocks?

Doodle Unplugged takes Doodle offline

Today we’re announcing officially the launch of Doodle Unplugged, which is an offline version of our scheduling service. Doodle Unplugged runs on a piece of paper and was designed by our offline user interface experts. With Doodle Unplugged (available as convenient PDF-download), you’ll be able to schedule your events in less than one year, and that’s our guarantee.

Learn more!

Doodle Unplugged: "poll on paper"