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Doodle launches new calendar integrations for and Office 365

Today is a great day for our Doodle users because they’re now able to integrate their Doodle events into and Office 365 calendars. Also, all of our calendar integrations (including the existing ones like Google Calendar, iCloud, and ICS) are now available in our free Doodle version.

This means that all of our users are able to create and participate in meeting polls directly from their Doodle calendar view without needing to switch back and forth between their calendars. Now that’s what we call productivity!

You can visit the following page to learn more about Doodle Calendar Connect.

Calendar integration by Doodle - easy scheduling

Calendar integration by Doodle – easy scheduling

Your Doodle Team

Doodle calendar integration improvements [Update]

With 20 million users, Doodle is the worlds largest and most successful tool for scheduling group events and we continuously work on improving our product. During the past weeks we worked on improving our calendar connection for Doodle.

Doodle’s calendar connection is one of the preferred options for people to choose Premium Doodle. We received a lot of feedback from our users regarding our synchronization feature and over the time one thing stuck out: Users do not want tentative events to be synchronized making their calendar unclear.

That’s why we chose to change this feature and only use the sync functionality with their final event from now on. This keeps you calendar tidy and you are still able to find all important events at a glimpse. Tentative events that were already synchronized will be smartly removed with the next synchronization initiated by yourself.

[Update as of 11 June 2014]

When we published the blogpost above, we were keen to getting some feedback from our Doodle users. And yes, we received a lot of feedback here on the blog and through our support hotline which we appreciate. It is the open communication which helps us improve our Doodle application.

Because of your comments we were able to understand how you use the calendar integration and which factors are important to you. Based on the overwhelming feedback from you to keep the temporary calendar entries up we decided to wind back the current version. With our current release, we now offer you the choice with every Doodle synchronization, whether you’d like to enter provisional dates in your calendar or whether you would like to only enter the final date(s).

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-11 um 11.10.08

Thanks again for everybody’s constructive feedback so far and for any comments on the changes within this release.

Your Doodle Team

Doodle introduces iCloud integration

iCloudLogoIf you’re an Apple user, then you probably know that iCloud enables you to store your content (including calendars) online and seamlessly share it with your other devices. As a Doodle user, you can now connect iCloud to Doodle so that your calendar data is synchronized with Doodle and iCloud.

This is great news for Apple users because the cloud-based integration means that the calendar data will always be available, current, and automatically shared with other devices.

To set it up, all you have to do is activate the option, sign in to iCloud, and you’re done. This feature does require a Premium Doodle account, and you can get additional information from this page.

Please try it out and let us know what you think!


How to connect Doodle with Outlook 2013 or

Connecting your calendar with Doodle has a number of advantages. Watch the video at the end of this post to learn more about them.

Many of our users ask us how to connect Doodle with Outlook 2013 or with And here’s how:

Update: Please refer to our extensive support section on that topic.

Let us know what your experience is. Either in the comments or via

How to integrate your Facebook events with Doodle

Integrating your Facebook events in Doodle can have two major advantages:

  • You get reminded of events you might want or plan to attend while scheduling.
  • You prevent scheduling some other event/meeting when one of your Facebook events takes place.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for a (free!) Doodle account, if you don’t have one yet:
  2. Visit your Facebook events list:
  3. Click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner and select “Export”.
  4. Choose either your friends’ birthdays or upcoming events (or both, if you wish), right-click on the respective link and choose “copy link address”.
  5. Visit the calendar settings in your Doodle account:
  6. Paste the link you copied above into the “calendar feed URLs” textfield.
  7. Make sure to replace the “webcal:” at the very beginning of the URL with “http:”.
  8. Click “Add”.

From now on, whenever you create a new scheduling poll or participate in a poll, you can choose to use the calendar view and have your Facebook events displayed.

Please let us know if you use this feature or if some other form of Facebook integration might make sense for you.

Doodle welcomes Tungle users

MeetMe subscriptions peaking

MeetMe subscriptions peaking after Tungle’s announcement to shut down

Yesterday, Tungle announced the retirement of their service and recommended to switch to Doodle instead, which was also picked up by TechCrunch. We know that such a change is always a pain but we welcome all Tungle users warmly and hope that they soon feel comfortable with Doodle.

As we already see in our stats, most Tungle users who give Doodle a try look to MeetMe as a replacement for Tungle. At Doodle, MeetMe is one of the more advanced features and a pure 1:1 communications channel to fix appointments quickly. It is particularly useful when have your calendar connected, be it Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal.

Group scheduling on Doodle, however, is handled via an event “poll”. This is basically a table of time slots in which all participants indicate their availability independent of the calendar system they use. Each participant can individually decide whether to connect an electronic calendar in order to let Doodle prefill choices and to see the own availability right in the same interface. But you don’t need to do so – you don’t even need to sign up for using Doodle.

We want to thank Marc and his team for having been a great challenger and for generously reffering to us. It was great to see a Canadian and a Swiss company shape and push the idea of online scheduling over the years. We wish you the best of luck and are looking forward to seeing your handwriting in Blackberry 10!

Access rights don’t expire any longer

With our latest release, access rights for third party applications (so-called OAuth tokens) don’t expire any longer at Doodle. This is an advantage for the following users:

In these cases, users remain logged in constantly. They no longer need to do recurring, cumbersome renewals of their login status.

Instead, we now offer our users a way to revoke access rights in the “Manage account” section of MyDoodle.

This change has no effect for all other forms of calendar integration or because they are not independent applications.