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Doodle crosses the 20M user mark

We’re happy to announce that Doodle is now used worldwide by over 20 million monthly users! In the past five years, we’ve seen a tenfold increase in our number of users, and our free scheduling service is especially popular in our home market of Switzerland, as well as in Germany, France, and the US.

The key growth driver continues to be the viral nature of the service, as Doodle inventor Michael Näf explains: “Anyone taking part in a Doodle scheduling poll for the first time will immediately notice how much time and stress the service saves them – and how easy it is to use. In addition, almost every poll automatically generates new users, which spreads Doodle to even more people.”

One Doodle poll every two seconds 

More than 17 million scheduling polls were created by Doodle users in 2013. Even small groups can save about 15 minutes per poll, which means that Doodle saved more than four million hours for our users last year.

20 million Doodle users

More growth in 2014

As we announced earlier this month, a new management team is taking control of Doodle in February, and later this year, Tamedia (Switzerland’s largest media group) will acquire the majority of the company and push forward with the international expansion of the service.

The two founders, Michael Näf (current CEO) and Paul E. Sevinç (current CTO), are handing over the managerial control and leaving with a good feeling: “We are delighted to be passing Doodle on to such a competent team. The fact that we are leaving the brand with 20 million users is a nice parting gift and reaffirms that the Doodle concept works superbly.”

Simplifies everything: Doodle BookMe tested in practice

Foto_fliegender_Masseur K-N KlauckBookMe, the convenient booking service for smaller service providers, has now been in operation for half a year and the number of users is growing steadily.

We will be taking a look behind the scenes in the coming months at very different practical examples of BookMe in action and presenting them in our blog. Today, Flying MED Masseur describes his experienc with the new service from Doodle.

The company

Kay-Nicolas Klauck set up Flying MED Masseur in Zurich in the summer of 2011 and has been offering a wide range of massage styles ever since. His central focus is on the individual needs of each patient.

This not only includes a detailed preliminary consultation, but also the option of choosing appointments of different lengths and a free choice with regard to the location. Because the masseur not only carries out treatments in his own practice rooms, but, on request, also in the patient’s office or home.

Why BookMe?

Kay-Nicolas Klauck single-handedly runs Flying MED Masseur, offering massage treatments as well as taking care of the complete coordination of appointments directly. An enquiry by mobile phone on the train, a request by e-mail to postpone an appointment, an answering machine full of messages after a short break:

The standard organization by phone and e-mail took its toll on time and nerves, was extremely complicated and, in some cases, led to double bookings. When the attention of the massage therapist was drawn to BookMe from Doodle in a meeting in February 2012, he immediately decided to try out the new booking service.

Experiences with BookMe

All the different options for lengths of treatment and location are offered on the Flying MED Masseurs’ BookMe page. His patients have reacted very positively to the option of booking online, with the result that 95% of all appointments are now made via BookMe.

The initial skepticism of Kay-Nicolas Klauck against bringing in an external service has given way to total enthusiasm: “No phone calls and no back and forth via e-mail; I certainly save at least one hour a week through that alone.

Double bookings do not happen anymore and the automatic appointment reminders are also very practical for the patients. And I only realized a while later that I can actually control my complete appointment organization via the mobile phone thanks to BookMe – and that’s something I no longer want to do without.“

As the most important advantages of the service, the massage therapist mentions the time saved and the greater flexibility for his patients, who can now book their appointments from anywhere and at any time, even when he is away on holiday. Kay-Nicolas Klauck is thoroughly impressed by BookMe and has already recommended the service to others.

He adds: “BookMe makes everyday life considerably easier for me as a service provider and even brings additional traffic to my homepage. And all of this at a super price-performance ratio. Actually, in today’s world, it’s almost funny how many companies have not yet realized how useful online appointment booking is for everyone!“

BookMe: New features and success stories

We’ve added a couple of new features to BookMe:

  • Locations are now optional. This enables virtual companies with no physical locations to also use BookMe.
  • Buffer times: Certain businesses need buffer times before and/or after an appoinment to clean or prepare for the next customer. Such buffer times can now be set individually for each service in BookMe.
  • Lead times define the minimal time span between booking an appointment and the actual appointment to take place. This allows you as the business owner to prevent overly short-term appointments.

And we’ve asked some of our customers about BookMe. Here’s what they say:

  • Eurocentres says: “The first BookMe appointment came in on the first day of offering the new service – and the number of appointments by potential customers from around the world is growing daily.” Learn more
  • Float says: “30%-50% of all appointments are booked through BookMe. Oscar Trott estimates that the center is spending six to eight hours a week less on the phone.” Learn more

Great service for the customer: Doodle BookMe in action at Eurocentres

Our new booking service BookMe has been in operation for five months, and many companies have jumped on board. BookMe enables smaller service providers to offer their customers a fast and convenient way to book appointments online.

We want to know how our new offer is being received in daily business. Who is using BookMe and for what purpose? A few weeks ago, we reported on float Zurich. Today, we look at how Eurocentres’ language schools are using our new service.

The company

With 35 schools on five continents and teaching in eight languages, Eurocentres has been offering language courses for more than 60 years. Every year, all around the world, about 13,000 people learn a new language with Eurocentres.

The direct sales of the global courses are organized by an international team based in Zurich, primarily through e-commerce activities and personal phone calls.

Why BookMe?

Eurocentres offers its customers a free service number for advice on suitable courses and to book the selected courses over the phone. The disadvantage of this approach is that the large number of customer requests can lead to long waiting times — especially at peak periods.

To prevent this and to operate a more efficient phone sales system, Eurocentres has long been searching for a suitable callback service solution. Being an international company, the ability to provide this service in several languages was a crucial requirement. BookMe fulfilled its expectations exactly and Eurocentres implemented the new service in October 2012.

Experience with BookMe

In addition to the phone service, Eurocentres customers can now place a callback request directly through the company’s website with BookMe. A particularly popular function among customers is the ability to specify a date for the callback.

Michel Sägesser, head of E-Commerce and ICT Services at Eurocentres, is convinced of its benefits: “If you want to receive advice on our language courses, all you have to do is choose a free appointment on our BookMe schedule. It even works across time zones. Customers can prepare themselves beforehand and rely on the time of the callback. With BookMe, not only are we providing a new service, we are also ensuring that potential customers are not lost through the waiting queue.

The first BookMe inquiry came on the first day of offering the new service – and the number of recall bookings by potential customers from around the world is growing daily. Eurocentres’ employees are convinced of BookMe’s benefits, while Michel Sägesser is certain that the potential of the new callback service is far from exhausted:

“Our busiest season is spring, when most of the courses are booked for the summer holidays. The advantages that BookMe brings to our daily work will become even more obvious then.

Doodle crosses the 15M user mark

We’ve reached yet another milestone: Doodle is now seeing 15 million users each month. Hence, our userbase has grown by around 50% since the end of 2011. We’re very happy to have reached this mark. It also shows the continued need for simple, usable solutions in the online scheduling space.
This new user milestone gets 2013 off to a good start — and it is a good opportunity to quick look back at a couple of highlights from 2012:
  • BookMe – New service that helps service providers streamline their booking process online
  • New iPad/iPhone App – Developed to support the increase in popularity of mobile scheduling:
  • Initiators Survey – International survey reveals that Doodle’s users are very active
  • Doodle Snapshot – Contest featuring pictures of events scheduled with Doodle
  • Doodle Unplugged – New scheduling product from Doodle runs on a piece of paper
We’re looking forward to an exciting Doodle year with all of you!
Source: Google Analytics

A real time saver: Doodle BookMe in action

In early September 2012, we launched BookMe, a new reservation service that enables smaller service providers to offer their customers a fast and convenient way to make appointments online. Numerous companies have already taken advantage of BookMe. We wanted to find out exactly how our new offer was being received by business, who was using BookMe in their daily work and for what purpose. We will be taking a look behind the scenes in the coming months and will present in our blog different practical examples of BookMe in action. Today is the first of the series: the float center in Zurich.

The company

float Zurich has been offering total relaxation for everyday life since 2007. Visitors experience the feeling of weightlessness by floating on special salt-water in three floating spaces. float Zurich offers a total of 100 floating appointments a week at 90 minutes each (60 minutes floating + 30 minutes resting time) for one to two people. The high season runs from October to April, when booking rates generally reach 90%.

Why BookMe?

float Zurich works with a small team and has no permanent reception staff. As most appointments were previously made by telephone, the staff spent valuable time every day scheduling arrangements instead of taking care of their customers. On Monday mornings, in particular, the phone would ring incessantly, which meant the line was permanently engaged, leading to a loss of customer inquiries.

Sabine Riess and Oscar Trott, managers of float Zurich, searched for a more efficient solution to a problem that was intruding on their work day. They heard of BookMe when it was still in the development phase and decided to test this new method of appointment booking.

The BookMe experience

float Zurich has been using BookMe since November 2012, setting up a license for each of the three floating rooms. With the exception of special offers such as all-day floating, all current appointments can be booked online. The new service has been extremely well received by both staff members and customers: already 30%-50% of all appointments are booked through BookMe.

Noticeably fewer telephone calls have led to a great improvement in daily work and the system has been a real time saver. Oscar Trott estimates that in the short time since BookMe was introduced, the center is spending six to eight hours a week less on the phone. This is a full working day – valuable time that is now invested in providing the best service to customers.

Asked for his feedback on BookMe, Oscar Trott said: “The tool is fantastic! Customers are also thrilled that they can see all available appointments and book outside our opening times. And the automatic appointment confirmation emails sent by BookMe mean we have to do very little ourselves. Less stress, more time, and satisfied customers – what more could you ask for? We believe that our utilized capacity will increase even further with BookMe.”

Doodle gets Swiss Open Source Award

Open Source Software (OSS) is crucial for Doodle: both in development and operation, market leading Doodle is relying almost completely on OSS. Therefore it is very important for us that OSS is successful, attracts many developers and is deployed in many projects.

We’re very glad that we were honored by the first place of the Swiss Opens Source Awards 2010 in the category Business. We’re also happy to get this first price together with Run my Accounts because as entrepreneurs we know exactly how important it is to have a reliable accounting.

More on the ceremony of the CH Open Source Awards (in German).