Rehearsal Coordination with Doodle

Short Description

Rehearsal coordination for a student’s theatre. The application matches player’s availabilities against the cast necessary for a particular scene.  

Long Description

The “cast bar” on the left of the screen shows role names and real names of the players along with their availability color-coded the “Doodle-way”. The top shows the play structure, i.e. acts and scenes broken down to page level. The main area in the middle holds the matrix that gives the requirements for each page. The more important a particular player is for a particular page, the darker the bar (light blue: on stage, no lines – dark blue: main character).

Weighted and accumulated availabilities and requirements are displayed as a line chart below the matrix. The weighting is chosen in a way that important but unavailable players will yield give a huge negative score. “Mass scenes” are preferred in order to make best use of everybody’s time.

The main matrix can be dragged with the mouse or scrolled using the scroll bars or the mouse wheel. The combo box in the top left corner sets the date displayed, and the two buttons in the bottom left corner link to Doodle and re-load the poll, respectively.

This application was originally intended as a viewer only. A poll editor has been added and can be reached by clicking on a player’s real name. It should be fairly self-explanatory. Please be aware that this is work in progress. It will at the moment most likely work only once or twice due to a resource leak that could not be fixed in time for the deadline of this contest. Use at your own risk. 🙂

Configuration is done via an .ini file containing the Doodle poll ID and a link to an XML file containing the play description. This approach seemed appropriate since the applications is set up only once and will be used for some months at a time.

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How to use

Link to the application:

You can play around with it, the application uses only test data. The application uses Java and JavaFX and requires a somewhat up-to-date JVM.

[Ed.: Application is available in German only.]


Thorsten Köster, Germany

Author’s Comments

  • This application came to life when I had to co-ordinate rehearsals for Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible”, which is one of the current productions at UniTheater Karlsruhe, and of which I’m the director. We did already use for planning, but with approximately 20 people involved, matching availabilities against rehearsal requirements for a particular scene quickly became tedious. This process simply had to be automated. 🙂
  • I just want to say a big “”thank you””, since Doodle has been such a tremendous help in organizing our production!!

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