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Short Description

Neoos GmbH enters the Doodle API contest with a Doodle application for iPhone / iPod touch. Currently implemented features: poll participation, URL support for “doodle://” scheme, conceptual integration of an external calendar (in this case, the google calendar).

Long Description

We’re glad to enter the contest with our mobile app “Doodle” for iPhone / iPod touch.

Doodle is a straightforward native doodle client optimized for the user interface of the iPhone platform. Features currently implemented are:

  • poll participation
  • URL support for “doodle://” scheme (direct launch of the Doodle app from a prepared hyperlink)
  • basic conceptual integration of google calendar (instant comparison of the proposed doodle options with the user’s own calendar: see whether you can make it or not at first glance)
  • unfortunately, it is currently not possible to access the calendar data on the iPhone itself, that’s why we decided to go for the google calendar
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How to use

Please send us (info at neoos.ch) the identifier (UDID) of your iPhone / iPod touch so we can send you the application binary and the ad-hoc distribution provisioning profile. With that, you’ll be able to actually use the application on your side.


Neoos GmbH (www.neoos.ch), Switzerland

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