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Short Description

DoodleZack augments of the possibilities of the brandnew Doodle API with the advantages of three mobile technologies: the novel combination of a mobile application, text messaging and the mobile Web enables instant Doodle polls amongst mobile users!

Long Description

DoodleZack enables cheap and easy instant Doodle polls amongst mobile users. Therefore, it combines the Doodle API with the best of three mobile technologies. A mobile application allows the poll creator to setup the poll making use of the personal contact data stored on his phone to select the participants. After the poll has been created via the API, text messages are sent out by the DoodleZack server to inform the chosen participants resulting in no additional charges for the poll creator. These text messages contain information about the poll as well as the URL to the poll’s Web page. Then, the recipients can easily open the received link in their mobile Web browsers and participate in the poll instantly. 

DoodleZack highlights in a nutshell:

  • Participants are chosen from the mobile’s existing contact list
  • Only the poll creator needs to install the DoodleZack software
  • Distribution of the poll’s URL via the ubiquitous text messaging system
  • Text messages are sent by DoodleZack server, not the poll creator’s mobile
  • No software installation is necessary for participating
  • Text message to poll creator informing about result (to be implemented)

The J2ME platform has been chosen for the submitted prototypical implementation of the mobile application as it is the most widespread platform supported by various phone models by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc. Additional platforms like the iPhone and Android can easily be addressed with further applications.

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Matthias Baldauf, Austria


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