Doodlendar: Google Calendar and Doodle Mashup

Short Description

Doodlendar is a mashup of Doodle and Google-Calendar. Participation on polls are added as tentative events in Google-Calendar. Each participant can finalize the poll for him/herself, which then leaves a definitive event in Google-Calendar. Displaying a poll, you see which options conflict with (non-tentative) events in your Google-Calendar.

Long Description

Doodlendar serves as an archive for your date-time doodle polls. You don’t need to remember the links / poll ids, they are all listed under “My Polls”.

While creating a poll with the wizard (provided by Doodle), you always have your Google Calendar on the left side. During poll participation, conflicts with planned events in your Google Calendar are shown. Your choices are preselected according to your free time.

To change an already made participation, you just have to alter your selection and update. Your Google Calendar will show all tentative Doodle Events (those not finalized) and of course the finalized events too. Poll finalization is used if you get to know the final appointment, e.g. by the creator of the poll. To finalize a poll you can select the mentioned appointment(s) and submit. Afterwards all tentative events for this poll are removed and only the selected ones remain in your Google Calendar.

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Michael Schaufelberger, Switzerland

Author’s Comments

From time to time it happens that our server-software (Sausalito) has some problems. Then the page is loading and loading and eventually throws an error 500. We hope this does not happen to you too often when you test our application.

If the site on is not accessible you could also try the following URL:

The original development of this project began a few months earlier than the announcement of the Doodle API Contest and new Doodle features. That’s why this project does not make active use of newer Doodle features (except OAuth), because we already implemented some of the functionality by ourself (finalization, My Doodle API vs. own archive, …).

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