DoodleCards: Doodle and MooCards Mashup

Short Description

DoodleCards combines Doodle’s simplicity with Moo’s unique and personal cards to create the ultimate invitation experience.

Long Description

We decided to focus on that one part that Doodle does so awfully well: being dead easy to schedule events. While doing things awfully well usually is a pretty good thing, Doodle’s simplicity results in something rather impersonal, turning invitations into something technical. That’s a shame really, as they’re an integral part of the invitation experience.

So that’s where we started: turn Doodle into something personal and allow people to invite each other the old-school face-to-face way. All that combined with Doodle’s brilliantly easy-to-use approach of course. We found Moo to be the perfect partner to add that humanity part to the project: nothing beats the effect of receiving a beautifully designed invitation. As much as we digital kids hate it, sometimes print just works better 😉

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Tijs Vrolix, Belgium


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