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Introducing Bookable Calendar

Welcome the newest member of the Doodle scheduling family: Bookable Calendar.

Doodle’s Bookable Calendar is the unique calendar page that leaves you in full control of your appointment bookings.

No need to email back and forth with guests or potential clients to find a time to meet.

Set up your calendar with time buffers or workday limits, share the link, and allow anyone to book appointments with you. Even while you sleep!

With Bookable Calendar you can: 

  • Set the duration of every meeting requested with you
  • Set working hours (so people can only book time slots when you want)
  • Set a future horizon (and only allow meetings up to a certain point)
  • Set a minimum notice (preventing last-minute meetings)
  • Create multiple Bookable Calendars with fully customized settings

Set up your free Bookable Calendar today!

Read more about Doodle’s new Bookable calendar in our FAQ here.

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