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Doodle presents: The State of Meetings Report 2019

Pointless meetings will cost companies $541bn in 2019

Our scheduling tools are used by over 30 million people to organize nearly 2.5 million meetings quickly and easily every month. And with this authority we carried out the most comprehensive research project examining the state of meetings in today’s workplace.

Today Doodle proudly presents: The State of Meetings Report 2019

We examined data from 19 million meetings and commissioned interviews with over 6,500 working professionals just like you, across the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the USA to take a modern in-depth look at when, where, why, and how we meet.

We compiled all the data to reveal such staggering insights as:

  • Professionals spend 2 hours a week in pointless meetings, which will add up to over $541bn, over half a trillion!, worth of resources in 2019
  • The average professional spends 3 hours a week in meetings – making two thirds of all meetings unnecessary or a waste of time
  • Cumulatively, 24bn hours will be lost to pointless meetings in the next year
  • More than a third (37%) of professionals consider unnecessary meetings to be the biggest cost to their organisation
  • 76% of professionals prefer face to face meetings to calls or video chats
  • Mornings are overwhelmingly the best time to hold a meeting – with 70% of professionals preferring meetings between 8am and 12pm

“We commissioned this report because we wanted to have a better understanding of what makes a bad meeting, and how it affects people on a daily basis. What’s positive is that within the huge financial implications lie simple issues that can easily be fixed. Things like setting a clear agenda, only inviting relevant people and proper planning can be easily implemented, and if we stick to these principals there’s a clear opportunity to make a huge savings, cut wasted time and reduce irritation to employees – benefiting everyone.” – CEO Gabriele Ottino.

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