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The Doodle greatest hits of 2018 (are a warm up for 2019!)

It could be that through 2018 you were busy with all those meetings you scheduled with Doodle. Or maybe you spent all the time Doodle saved you being productive and doing deep work. Getting ahead at the office? Or drilling down into your novel? Either way, you might have missed some of our biggest stories of the year. And my what a year it was! What’s even more exciting is that 2018 was just a warm-up for all the great new features and products we have in the works for 2019.   

We couldn’t have done it all without you, so here’s a big thank you from all of us for your endless support and feedback. Without further ado, the biggest stories of 2018:

Doodle features and product news

The product highlight of the year was the launch of our brand new solution for scheduling one-on-one meetings: Doodle 1:1. Doodle has always been the solution for scheduling group meetings, so it was only natural that we’d come up with the best solution to the time loss and headaches of scheduling meetings with just two people. It’s also an interesting contrast to Doodle groups, which requires the organizer to circle back around to the invite and choose the best option. Doodle 1:1’s can be created and confirmed in just two steps.

We didn’t spend 2018 working exclusively on new tools like Doodle 1:1; we released several new features enhancing the Doodle you already know and love. Take meeting request deadlines for example, which enable you to collect responses even faster by setting a ticking time limit on your meeting request. Calendar invites allow you to share the results of your Doodle in the most convenient way imaginable – convenient because you can sync events to your calendar automatically! The list goes on with the invitation status feature (which allows you to see who’s opened your email invites among other things) and our messaging features (which allows you to send custom messages with your links).

Everyone’s favorite scheduling chatbot, Meekan, also added a new trick to his repertoire, recurring meetings. Need to schedule a daily, weekly, or monthly meeting? Just ask Meekan, and he’ll check everyone’s availability for the next seven meetings and give you a percentage availability for all of your participants. Meekan loves scheduling your meetings, and he’s getting smarter by the minute.

Company highlights

Last month we hit a huge milestone, and our all-time high, of 30 million monthly users. Doodle is used in 240 countries, with main hubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (28%), in the United States (25%), and in France (13%). And since you use Doodle to save time scheduling your meetings, you’re in great company.

With all the great news, milestones, and new features we’ve been working on all year, even the BBC took notice. Our CEO Gabriele Ottino was invited on (live!) to share the highlights and Doodle’s plans for the future of scheduling with millions of viewers. If you missed the show, or live outside the UK and don’t have BBC, you can catch the broadcast right here.

It’s the time to make a New Year’s resolution is it not? So here’s ours for 2019. We promise to keep bringing you great new features and tools that will save you time and stress in the coming year. In short, we’re going to revolutionize the way you make meetings by bringing you the best scheduling suite the world has ever seen.


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