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Be a Doodle Ambassador (and WIN)

We know it’s the end of the year and apart from that company Christmas party you probably don’t have that many meetings left to organize. Never fear, you can still engage with Doodle if you’re not actively scheduling meetings. In fact, you can even get paid to promote it!  

We just launched an appreciation program for ANYONE who gets someone to sign up for a Doodle plan. It really is that simple, and it’s totally free to join. Become a Doodle Ambassador today, and get paid for recommending Premium Doodle.

How does it work?

When you sign up for the Doodle Ambassador program, you’ll be given a special link that you can share around on your social media, on your blog, or with the people in your network. Add it to your email signature even! When the link is used by someone to first start a trial, and then ultimately purchase Premium Doodle you will get credit for the sale. 20% of the purchase price!

Join the Doodle Ambassadors

Promotion: Join the Doodle Ambassadors and win $100

To promote the launch of this awesome program we’re offering you a chance to win a crisp clean brand new $100 bill (or rather Paypal transfer, but you get the idea). We’ll allow submissions through January 31st 2019, and we’ll announce the winner in February. Sound good? Here are the details:  

  1. Join the program. Use the link above.
  2. Create something new and show how great Doodle is! You can write a blog post, tutorial, or testimonial. Or create a video. Show what you like about Doodle, or how you use Doodle in the most creative way you can.   
  3. Publish your content in January and include your affiliate link.
  4. Submit your awesome content to us and where you published it online. Please send your submissions via email once you sign up. Subject: “Doodle Affiliate Contest”.
  5. We’ll choose the best entry and send you $100 via Paypal.

Check out more details about the Doodle Ambassador program here.

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