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New all-time high: 30M users per month arrange their meetings with Doodle

Do you organise your meetings with Doodle? As of this month, you’re one in 30 million! We are excited to announce that Doodle reached our all time high of 30 million unique users in November*. That’s half the population of Italy, every month! 2.5 million meetings have been organized through the platform in the same period with an average of 7.5 participants. Doodle is used in 240 countries with three main hubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (28%), in the United States (25%), and in France (13%).

Since Doodle was invented, the platform has grown completely organically. That’s because it solves a real, frustrating problem, simply. You only need to click on a Doodle invite once to be convinced by the concept. It all began with a dinner party in Switzerland: the inventor Myke Näf wanted to get together for a meal with friends but grew frustrated with the time-consuming process of a settling on a date. So he set up the forerunner of what is the leading online scheduling platform today.

For every meeting the right solution

The core concept has since remained the same – we want to make it easy for you to have meaningful meetings, whichever item out of the scheduling toolbox you use: The classic “Doodle groups” is still the most used solution for meetings and leisure gatherings alike. “Doodle 1:1” was released last week to disrupt the scheduling of one-on-one meetings, and the chatbot Meekan solves all scheduling pains for internal teams. And we’re not done yet – the coming months will bring you even more intuitive, efficient, and streamlined scheduling solutions powered by cutting edge AI. Stay tuned!

So, thanks a million – or should we say, thanks 30 million – to all our users! We’re proud to have played a part in making your great meetings happen.

*according to Google Analytics

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