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Spend your time on what matters

At Doodle we enable great meetings because people can do amazing things when working together. We want you to be in charge of your time and spend it on what is truly important to you.

What if instead of trying to keep you interacting with the screen for as long as possible, your apps let you “do your thing” and continue with your life?

It definitely sounds refreshing, especially in the times of the Attention Economy. We have briefly introduced this concept in our previous piece: every platform is here to compete for your limited time, and most apps are designed to do that as successfully as possible. Most, but not all. One could say some apps are “just not that into you”.  Let’s look into some that are rather straightforward in assisting you with your tasks, potentially saving you that sweet time you can choose to spend – a radical idea! – off screen.

Make that list

One of the good examples of a platform that stirs you towards organizing your life, without significant distractions, is Trello. With this app,  you can create your to-do lists and rearrange your items by stages of completion (or, rather, incompletion). It doesn’t bombard you with information, and at no point it tries to make it unclear why you’ve opened it.

Wunderlist is another platform for lists, resembling a good old to-do list you would have in your actual physical notebook. Does it give you that joy of actually crossing an item, no matter how insignificant, off your list? Well, probably nothing can beat paper and pen in that respect.

Check yourself

Crazy idea: for you to make time for things that actually matter to you, you should first know where you’re currently spending your time. We all might have an approximation of how many minutes (hours?) we spend on different tasks and sites, yet how far away we are from that approximation can be quite revealing. There are various types of apps that can tell you specifically that. For example, RescueTime tracks the time you spend on your computer and your phone and gives you a breakdown, in various graphs, of what your day looks like. Will that be enough to reevaluate your screen time habits and potentially change them? This one’s on you.

Let’s get straight to the point

The truth is, there are plenty of apps that can genuinely save you time and assist you in the exact ways you want them to. Don’t want to waste minutes looking up different passwords, thinking which pet name you’ve used for that one? Try 1Password. Want your perfect grammar and syntax, all the time, without consulting too many external sources? Check out Grammarly. Want to schedule a meeting with actual living people? Find a convenient time for all of you through Doodle. The idea here simple: just do what you’re supposed to do, and continue with your one beautiful and precious life.

And the point is…

Human nature is hackable, and there are a lot of icons on your phone that will constantly be asking for your attention. It will have to be a conscious decision made by you to retake control over your time. No single piece of software can coach you how exactly to do that, but there are some that seem to try to help.

In the end, the obvious question: is it a bit ironic that we have to resort to certain apps to help us control how much time we spend on other apps? Welcome to 2018.

By Justina Poskeviciute

Justina is an awesome writer living in London.

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