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UPDATE: calendar invitations

From the second you realize the need to organize a meeting to the handshake at the start, Doodle guides you on your way. Our newest feature smooths out the way to that handshake by allowing you to send calendar invitations.

You use Doodle to find the best date and time for a meeting and you can even send reminders to those who’ve yet to participate to make sure you can get the results in time. Once all the votes are in and you choose the final option you can share the the results in the most convenient way with your participants. A calendar invitation.

You can add the event instantly to your Google or Outlook calendar so you or your participants will never miss the date. This will save everyone loads of time and possibly errors because it’s all automatic. If your participants haven’t connected their calendars to their account (which they should btw), don’t worry they’ll also receive the calendar invitation in their inbox so they easily add the event to their calendar with just one click. Just one more example of the work we do to ease the pain of meetings and scheduling.

Here’s how it works

Previously when you closed a poll you had two options to share the results with your participants. You could send them a link to the poll so they could check or you could send them an email. Now when you choose the final option you’ll have a third option which sends the calendar invitations and adds the events to your calendars.

Keep in mind that this feature is only for Doodle Premium users.

If you’re curious you can start a trial here, free for 14 days.  

5 comments on “UPDATE: calendar invitations

  1. Super cool. One request/idea: is it possible to put ‘tentative/block’ calendar entries on my calendar to hold slots that I have offered up while I wait for the replies to come in? It often happens that I put down a date/time I can make it, send out a poll to others, wait, then something gets booked over one of the slots, and then the responses come in and then I end up being the one with the conflict! I have to now manually go block my calendar for the times I offer up in my poll.

    • This is totally possible if you have your calendar connected. Make sure you participate in calendar view, and have your calendar selected. Then make sure to choose tentative and final dates. If you have any question please get in touch at!

      • Will Edwards

        Anyway you can improve the calender view for Chrome? It is *very* unwieldy. cheers

      • Hi Will, thanks I’ll pass this on to our product team. 🙂

  2. Rebecca Crabbé

    I am a regular user of Doodle. I created some links last week. I could work with them, but today those links do not open anymore… I cannot consult them anymore what is rather inconvenient. There are many people involved… What is the problem ? Is there a problem with doodle server ?

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