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Berlin Company Run 2018

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The Doodle Berlin crew was excited to show off their running skills in this year’s Berlin Company Run.

The team was proud represent Doodle in the 5.5km race with thousands of runners from the city’s biggest companies.  

The run started and ended at the Brandenburg Gate with a long track around the famous Tiergarten. The route weaved around many of Berlin’s government buildings and monuments. More than just a 5k race, it was a complete sightseeing tour. 

With a fuel of bananas and bio muesli-bars, the whole crew completed the scenic run 30-45 minutes after the starting shot. When we checked later, the records showed that we all finished between 7,000th and 11,000th place out of 17,000. Not too shabby!

Check out the images of our Berlin team representing Doodle in the Company Run 2018.  



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