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Change Your Life

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Are you going to make 2018 your best year yet?

Or are you gonna be one of the 80% that bows out on their New Year’s resolutions by February?

I’m sure you’ve been reading all over the internet about how you can keep your New Year’s resolutions.

Newsflash: You can’t.

The good news is it only takes 66 days to form a new habit. In some cases, it could be as few as 18.

It’s 2018. Think about your goals for the year and then plan each incremental step with your calendar to help you reach them.

New year’s resolutions are by nature temporary. When you say something like ‘I’m going on a diet for 2018,’ it means that you’ll eventually go off of it. I’m no weight loss guru or cross-fit junkie, but if you want to get back in shape or just be healthier, it seems like a no-brainer to make a plan for it. Just put all of those incremental goals on your calendar. Once a time slot is planned, you won’t schedule anything in its stead.

You’re hitting two birds; when you plan small steps you’re on your way to achieving your larger objective, and it makes it easier to celebrate the little successes. It’s easier to get to 18 than 66.

So rather than making a resolution for the new year, use your calendar to build a new habit.

We’re scheduling fans here at Doodle (obviously), so trust us with this.

Gym classes, language lessons, calls with your mother. Put all of your goals on your calendar and plan a successful 2018.

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