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ABC: Always Be Closing

All the votes are in. Choose the final option.

So you created a Doodle poll and everyone you invited has selected the dates that work for them. What now?

With the new version of Doodle, we improved the poll closing functionality. When you click ‘choose final options’ in the ‘more’ menu at the top of the page, Doodle will suggest the best final option(s) for your poll. When you scroll down to the table you’ll notice that the options that best suit you and your participants will have a gold star next to them. You can simply click ‘done’ to confirm. If you’ve connected your calendar the event will be added automatically. Otherwise, you can click the ‘add to calendar’ button just below the poll to add the event manually.

The best part is that when you close the poll everyone who has subscribed to notifications will receive an email or push message that you’ve chosen the final date for the event. With these automated suggestions and notifications, your job as poll creator just got even easier.

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