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Power up your Calendar

Get the most from Doodle. Connect your calendar.

When you connect your calendar to your Doodle account you can create and participate in polls with the advantage of viewing your calendar appointments at the same time.

There’s no need to toggle back and forth or stretch and balance your windows to simultaneously compare the poll and your calendar. 

Open your account settings and click the appropriate calendar. Simple as that…


The calendar connection also allows you to add events to your calendar automatically.

You can sync all your poll selections and final dates automatically. When you open a poll and click over to calendar view, you’ll see the option to choose a calendar from the menu in the bottom left corner. Then you can choose then choose to add selected and final dates to your calendar. Once you make your selections, those date/time options appear in your calendar without a second click. These tentative dates can serve as placeholders so that you can plan the rest of your schedule without the possibility of conflicting events. Once the final date has been chosen the rest of the tentative dates disappear and you’re left with one event in your calendar. Or you can skip this step and just add the final date to your calendar if you like.

Keep in mind that Doodle offers a direct connection to Google and Microsoft 365/ calendars. All others can be subscribed to via ICS feed.


2 comments on “Power up your Calendar

  1. Michael Erwin

    The tentative dates aren’t showing up in my Google calendar. I’ve disconnected and reconnected. I thought they did show up at one time, but the new poll I’ve created, they don’t.

    • Hi Michael!
      Can you send us a quick email at support@doodle? Include the link to the poll in question and we’ll help you out.

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