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Doodle gets a fresh look!


You might haveĀ noticed that things are looking quite different on our website. Thatā€™s for a good reason: our new redesign! Today weā€™re rolling out our completely redesigned online service in the United States. Currently, the fresh look will be visible for free Doodle users. Premium and logged-in Doodlers will get the chance to join the fun in the coming months too!


The redesign has already gone live in the UK, Australia, Canada and many other parts of the world. TheĀ launch in the United States marksĀ the largest release of the new design so far.Ā 

The goal of this redesign has been to make Doodle visually more appealing and even easier to use. Our users have been part of the redesign process since day one. BasedĀ on your input, the new design features less steps, a decluttered calendar view and other optimizations that speed up the process of scheduling.

We’ve caught your attention? Watch this video which highlights some of the awesome improvements we’ve made.

Weā€™re excited for you to use our redesigned online service to organize your nextĀ occasions.Ā Thoughts and feedbacks on what you like and we can improve on are greatly appreciated.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the entireĀ testing process throughout the last couple of weeks with their feedback and patience and help us achieve this amazing, very good-looking šŸ˜‰ result!


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