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Doodle photo contest in Brazil

This is a day to say thank you to all our Doodle users, doodling with the world’s favourite scheduling service all around the globe. When Doodle started in Switzerland a few years back, it was quite normal, that the German version of our product initially gained most users.

Today we count approx. 25m users per month using the tool in all 20 languages available in most countries of the world. From Australia to Korea, from India to Poland, from England to the US: Doodle is used for private and business scheduling and we love this growth!

Our latest inroads happened in several South American countries, where our users in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina use the Spanish and our many Brazilian users work with the Brazilian version. You helped us grow in each country by more than 100% over the last 6 months, simply awesome.

Let us add to this the news from Brazil, where we organized a great competition: a Doodle photo contest! Hundreds of mainly new users in Brazil participated. We received incredible pictures from real life Doodles that were initiated and we are really happy that Doodle was responsible for the organization of so many meetings.

We would have liked to choose various photos as a winner, but unfortunately we had to restrict ourselves to just one. The winner of the contest who received an iPhone 6 is Aline R. from Espírito Santo with this picture:

Congratulation to these winners in the Doodle photo competition
Congratulation to these winners in the Doodle photo competition

The image was chosen by our jury as it displays the fun Doodle can bring: gathering with friends during holidays in a beautiful and sunny place. We really like the vibrant colours that show a lot of happiness. Congratulations, Aline! And well done all!

Your Awesome Doodle Team

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