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At Doodle, we wanted to find out if Brits ever cancelled on their mates after making plans and if so, what do they say to their mates to let them down. Are they always honest?

The results showed that a staggering 81% of Brits admit to telling ‘porkies’ to get out of pre-arranged plans.

With almost half (48%) admitting to cancelling on friends at least once a month, the research also revealed the top excuses Brits use to save face when ducking out of plans.

63% use the classic sickness bug to get out of social plans, over a fifth (23%) blame family birthdays and get-togethers, and 15% put it down to forgetfulness. Shockingly, even a death in the family isn’t off limits, with 5% using this distasteful excuse to back out of pre-arranged plans.

In reality, the reasons Brits are bailing are far more lame.

Tiredness tops the list of blowing off plans (41%) followed by ‘could no longer be bothered’ (33%), a lack of money (29%) and for almost 1 in 10 (8%), a night in binging on Netflix is more appealing than a date with their mates.

Poor planning also emerged as a big issue with 18% admitting to double booking themselves, and having to cancel plans as a result. They could easily avoid this issue by being better organised and using a tool like Doodle to make sure al friends are on the same page.

To help you spot if a friend is bailing on you in future here are the top five excuses we found Brits using:

1. I’m too ill
2. It’s my nan’s birthday – I can’t get out of it
3. I have to look after a sick family member
4. I completely forgot!
5. I was so tired I just fell asleep

And here are the top five reasons they are actually dropping out:

1. I was too knackered
2. I couldn’t be bothered
3. Completely broke
4. I had double booked myself
5. I wanted to see my boyfriend/girlfriend

The research also revealed that women are more likely to fabricate an excuse when cancelling, with 83% admitting to stretching the truth. And, a jaw dropping 91% of people 25-34 years regularly tell porkies to avoid a meet-up with a mate.

It appears that Brits would rather tell a few elaborate porkies than confess their lame excuses for bailing on their so-called mates. Perhaps with better planning and a little more honesty, we’re more likely to keep our friendships and our conscience intact.


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