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Doodle will focus on its core product

About two years ago Doodle successfully launched and established BookMe as a professional appointment booking service.

Today we are announcing that BookMe will be discontinued. Doodle will focus on its core product, the worlds largest and most successful tool for scheduling group events with over 20 million users.

For BookMe users this means that BookMe will only be available until October 31st. Afterwards, the BookMe page will be deactivated. However, there are many great other scheduling products out there that focus specifically on your business requirements.

In order to give you enough time to find a replacement for BookMe we will keep offering BookMe until October 31st 2014 – for free. As of today existing users will not be charged for BookMe anymore.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the upcoming changes.

4 comments on “Doodle will focus on its core product

  1. Hi. You wrote about “many great other scheduling products out there.” Can you send me a list of any you’re aware of? I really loved using BookMe and will be sad to see it go. If you know of replacement products, I’d appreciate learning about any options.

    Thanks and God bless.

    • RookLoveProductions

      Agreed! I have looked into *so many* other online scheduling services and NONE of them matches the clean interface, efficient set-up, and easy + accurate syncing that BookMe offers. I’m a bit torn up about it actually. People often compliment me on the professionalism of my scheduling page. Now…what???

  2. John Haberecht

    Hey guys, I love Doodle but am loving it less right now as I’m unsuccessfully trying to find out how to convert a tentative appointment, sent to my iCal calendar, to a definite one. Looked also within the Doodle poll but can’t see anything there. There is extensive support available but where do I go if my topic is not covered there?

  3. RookLoveProductions

    This is so sad! I really love BookMe!!

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