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Doodle calendar integration improvements [Update]

With 20 million users, Doodle is the worlds largest and most successful tool for scheduling group events and we continuously work on improving our product. During the past weeks we worked on improving our calendar connection for Doodle.

Doodle’s calendar connection is one of the preferred options for people to choose Premium Doodle. We received a lot of feedback from our users regarding our synchronization feature and over the time one thing stuck out: Users do not want tentative events to be synchronized making their calendar unclear.

That’s why we chose to change this feature and only use the sync functionality with their final event from now on. This keeps you calendar tidy and you are still able to find all important events at a glimpse. Tentative events that were already synchronized will be smartly removed with the next synchronization initiated by yourself.

[Update as of 11 June 2014]

When we published the blogpost above, we were keen to getting some feedback from our Doodle users. And yes, we received a lot of feedback here on the blog and through our support hotline which we appreciate. It is the open communication which helps us improve our Doodle application.

Because of your comments we were able to understand how you use the calendar integration and which factors are important to you. Based on the overwhelming feedback from you to keep the temporary calendar entries up we decided to wind back the current version. With our current release, we now offer you the choice with every Doodle synchronization, whether you’d like to enter provisional dates in your calendar or whether you would like to only enter the final date(s).

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Thanks again for everybody’s constructive feedback so far and for any comments on the changes within this release.

Your Doodle Team

14 comments on “Doodle calendar integration improvements [Update]

  1. I just bought Doodle premium a few days ago precisely because it made seeing tentative events in my calendar so clear. Is there any way I can re-activate this feature? (re-posted so I can select to be notified of responses)

  2. I actually very much miss the old functionality – that all – ie. including the tentative events – were synced back into my google calendar!

  3. I actually wanted to synchronize Doodle with my Google agenda. WHat is the purpose if i book or accept many invitations on the same day ? i looked at my Google agenda, there was nothing. But ALAS ! I already said yes to a tentative meeting in Doodle and now am stuck with two meetings at the same time ? I whould have the option to insert tentative meetings in my agenda. Otherwise I would not have paid for it…

  4. Håkan Örman

    I certainly would like tentative events to be synchronized. Removing this feature made me decide not to upgrade to Premium.

  5. I think this should be an optional feature. Tentative events helped me keep track of the time slots I wanted to keep free until the Doodle results came in. Most of the time this meant that I had to manually delete and adjust tentative events since almost no one ever seems to close a Doodle poll (which is also why I think just synchronizing final events wouldn’t make much sense for me), but it also meant that I saw at one glance what I doodled for in my calendar.
    Calendar integration was one of my favourite features of Doodle and I was disappointed when it became a premium feature. Considering whether my budget allows yet another paid subscription, the news that tentative events will not be synced anymore makes it clear to me that it’s no use for me to get a premium account.

  6. I really liked it the way before, to have this reminders in my calendar. Is it possible to have it as an individual option again to choose from when I picked my preferred dates?
    As non busy event entries they won’t mess up other inquiries and never show up in MeetMe but stay as an reminder.

  7. Michel Jouvin

    As for me this is the worst decision you have ever taken… The precise reasion I decided to go for Premium Doodle was to get the tentative date synced. I understand others may not like it but in this case you should have made it optional, not removed it. I hope you’ll revert your change which is certainly not an improvment in my opinion…

  8. Wow, this is a super huge problem for me, no longer having tentative appointments show up.

    So now I have to manually put holds in my calendar for pending appointments, instead of Doodle doing it for me. And then go back and delete all those holds manually when the final appointment is booked – what a huge step backwards.

    I schedule tons of appointments through doodle with many groups and this means a terrible pain of having to write everything down, then go to my calendar and put the holds, and then delete the holds when the final appointment is booked.

    I haven’t heard complaints yet from the people I work with, but I know I will.

    I can’t imagine that other business people aren’t going to have this problem. I think it is an INSANE change that is going to make the service a lot less efficient and useful.

    I’m in a panic now because I lost all the holds in my calendar and it’s a disaster – not a “smart” removal, instead it’s a crisis. And I’m a paying subscriber. Just feel like I lost a lot of value for my money.

    Really disappointed in you, Doodle folks. And I’ve loved you and talked you up to everyone- won’t be able to do that any more.

    PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider this decision.

    Julie in NYC

  9. For me having my availabilities for tentative event mapped on my calendar was a fundamental feature. Not having it reduce a lot the plus of the calendar synchronization. It was a straightforward way of avoiding to give overlapping availabilities to different meetings. Now keeping track of the given availabilities by reporting them in my calendar by hand is really a nightmare. Please introduce that feature again, possibly with a flag allowing those who do not want it to disable it.

  10. stanward

    I actually like the tentative appointments showing up in my calendar. It helped me try to avoid booking something into a timeslot which I had previously committed to a Doodle poll. I am upset that this feature went way as it was/is the primary reason I upgraded to Doodle Premium. It would be great to have an option include tentative appointments even as a user preference. What is the intent for implementing this “show tentative meeting in Google Calendar” feature? I am having trouble working out why I will keep Doodle Premium without the tentative meetings feature. Thanks.

  11. stanward

    Glad to see you have decided to bring back the tentative meetings integration! I look forward to seeing how it works.

    In the meantime, I started to use the ICS link, adding it to my Google Calendar. In some ways the ICS link gives you the best of both world, the ability to see all of the tentative meeting, but also a way to turn them off (in Google Calendar). One question: What calendar entries are included in the ICS feed? All timeslots for a poll, or only those which I indicated with Yes or (Yes).

    You might want to think about formalizing the ICS solution as a good option for showing tentative timeslots.


  12. stanward

    While we are on the topic of calendar sync with tentative calendar entries, one feature enhancement I would like to suggest is the ability to change the sync setting after the original response to the poll. As it is currently implemented, a poll respondent may only specify the meeting sync with their calendar when they first respond. As you pointed out in the original blog post, a calendar clutter problem happens when a poll originator does not close a poll, leaving your calendar littered with tentative events which you need to remove manually. This issue would be solved if you allowed respondents to edit the sync setting for the poll. If the originator does not close the poll, then a respondent could choose to go back to the poll and edit their sync setting in such a way (Only Final Choice, or no sync at all) in order to automatically remove the tentative calendar entries. Please consider this request. I think this will give us all the great features of automatic entry of tentative calendar entries with the ability to overcome the issue of polls which are not closed. It would be great to have this feature.


    P.S. Regarding my previous post about the ICS solution, it seems to show all possible calendar entries, not affected by the closing of a poll, nor the changing of ones selections to a meeting poll.

  13. This is not quite related to calendar integration, but I wasn’t sure where else to suggest it. Is it possible to delineate weeks on the table view by using a slightly darker/thicker line? This would make it a lot easier to look at a long list of dates. Alternatively, a month option in calendar view would be helpful. Thanks!

  14. johnwerneken

    Received and completed a Doodle survey on appointment scheduling. Doodle was useful to me for some time whilst I was attending Clark College, where a fair number of teams I participated on used Doodle. I’m not sure how common it is outside of the context of an organization; none of my non-college acquaintances know of doodle, and my on-line associates rarely meet except in an on-line forum of some sort – where meet-ups are set using the forum tools whatever they may be.

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