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Mobile Doodle relaunched

For quite some time, we’ve been receiving feedback from our users about the lack of the table view on the mobile version of our website. Many of you have requested it because it offers a much better overview of who is available and when.

Well, we’re happy to say that we’ve now brought the unique table view to Mobile Doodle. We’ve also updated the interface, which makes Mobile Doodle much clearer and more like an app. Check it out!

It’s important to note that only newer phones and specific browsers are supported yet. We’ll add support for more devices over the next couple of weeks. Also, Mobile Doodle focuses on the basic features of Doodle, so if you need access to additional features, please check out our iOS and Android apps.


6 comments on “Mobile Doodle relaunched

  1. That’s fine but I have a Windows 8 phone. When will there be an app for us?

    • doodlemyke

      There is no plan for a Windows 8 phone at this time. But Mobile Doodle at is web-based (not native) and therefore available on all phones.

  2. OK – I need someone to explain this…

    I use Dolphin browser on a Samsung Galaxy S4. It won’t show the table view when the user agent of the browser is set to “Android (default)”.

    However when I switch to “iPhone” user agent it works fine. Off course I don’t want to set the user agent permanently to iPhone, so what have you done wrong in the coding
    of your web page?


  3. Malte@Doodle

    Hi Philip,

    as mentioned in the blog post we currently only support newer phones and specific browsers. We do not support Dolphin officially because during testing there were some issues on some phones. Until we will haved fixed all the issues we will not be able to support Dolphin by default.

    Thank you for your understanding

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