Interview with Clare Evans

What projects are you involved in?

I mainly work 1:1 with clients over the phone from all around the world, so these take up a good chunk of my week. I’m also re-writing my online time management course to provide more user interaction and a more personal experience. I’m also in the process of writing two books.

How did you get interested in productivity? 

When I started my own business I realised that there were a lot of people out there who didn’t know how to make the best use of their time and how to organise themselves effectively – something that I pretty much took for granted.

How many meetings do you normally have each week? 

I’m not heavily focused on meetings. I have between 6-8 1:1 client calls/meetings each week, 1-2 networking meetings each month.

What are some of your favorite productivity tips/apps? 

I love apps like or which enable you to focus better and work in short bursts of 25-30 minutes. Also my one top tip is to plan your day. Just 5-10 minutes can make a real difference to how much you can achieve. Focus on what’s important, prioritise your tasks and work towards your goals.

What’s the most recent adjustment that you’ve made to your personal productivity routine? 

Well, I was recently diagnosed and I’m being treated for cancer. So this has meant a major adjustment to my own work routine and way of working. I have more time to focus on my health and social life as I step back a bit from work. I’m still working with clients but in shorter bursts as my energy levels permit. It makes it even more important to focus on the priority tasks in the now more limited work time I have. I enjoy my work so I’ll continue with it for as long as possible while I’m going through chemo and radiotherapy.

Do you measure your productivity? If so, how do you do it, and what is your metric? 

On a detailed level – not anymore. I’ve used Rescue Time to monitor my computer/online activity in the past and recommended it to clients. I use time logging with clients to help them measure productivity. I set goals each year and use those to measure my productivity and results. These break down in to my monthly and weekly activity which I also monitor. I love using checklists and worksheets to track my activity, so I enjoy seeing the totals add up each week and compare results across the month and year.

What do you think the next productivity trend will be? 

We’re already shifting to the importance of stress management and work life balance in our daily lives and I think this will continue to grow – despite people being pushed to do more and more work in less and less time. It’s not the most productive way to work.

People want more control over their lives, so there may be even more a shift to flexible work patterns and working from places other than the traditional office – for both individuals and corporates. Technology is helping us to work anywhere and with the tools available makes it easier (sometimes) to share our workload and keep track, although technology can sometimes be more of a master than a slave.

You can learn more about Clare Evans through her website, and be sure to follow her on Twitter, too.


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