Interview with Stacey Vulakh

Stacey VulakhWhat projects are you involved in?

Professionally, I’m about to undertake a rebrand of my website and public profile. Business is always shifting and my goal is to ensure my web and social presence accurately reflects who I help and what I do.

I’m also involved in a few business community projects that are ongoing. One of which, a silent auction for a women’s professional organization called Women In Consulting.

Personally, I’m gearing up for autumnal projects including planning my children’s 4th birthday party and Halloween, an upcoming trip to Disneyland, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas.

The details of the holiday season combined with entertaining are numerous but I love project managing.

How did you get interested in productivity?

My interest in productivity is 75% innate and 25% environmental. I do believe we’re born with certain proclivities and organization and productivity just happen to be two of my innate skills.

That being said, about 4 years ago I noticed a big need in the marketplace for time management amenities for professional women. With all the opportunities available and the “have it all” mentality, women are determined and won’t settle for anything less than what they want. Contemporary women want more and the only way to have more of anything is with solid time management and pristine productivity skills.

How many meetings do you normally have each week?

With clients, networking events, social meet-ups, and community involvement I limit my meetings to between 12-15 per week. Any more and I’m unable to adequately tend to daily business and personal needs.

What are some of your favorite productivity tips/apps?

Oh, there are so many…

– Wunderlist for keeping simple, basic lists.
– Evernote for keeping historical lists, blog musings, recipes, and volumes of data. I like to clip and save photos in a “gift idea” folder.
– is my new favorite for all things meditation.
– for scheduling. Really, it’s such an easy and effective scheduling tool. I use it personally for girls’ gatherings and professionally for meetings.
– Pocket is great for saving web pages to read later. It syncs across all devices so when you have a moment to read, all your clippings are in one place.

What’s the most recent adjustment that you’ve made to your personal productivity routine?

By far, the most impactful recent adjustment I’ve made is to begin meditating on a regular basis. Immediately following the first ten-minute session, I felt more clear and alert and my surroundings appeared to be in vivid color. I love the feeling of being refreshed and calm.

Do you measure your productivity? If so, how do you do it, and what is your metric?

This may sound silly but the most significant barometer is how I’m feeling. I know when my work has been productive vs. “busy” or ineffective. There’s a spring to my step and a momentum that carries me forward when I’m in flow and highly productive.

From a more technical standpoint, I’m part of a mastermind group that meets monthly. Knowing I need to provide an update and be held accountable is often the impetus for getting me to move on a specific project.

Additionally, seeing a crossed off to-do list can be effective, too, provided the tasks were significant and meaningful.

What do you think the next productivity trend will be?

That’s a good question…imagine how much more productive we’d be if we knew what the future is bringing…

You can learn more about Stacey Vulakh through her website, and be sure to follow her on Twitter, too.


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