Interview with Cathy Sexton

What projects are you involved in?

Currently involved in:
– Weekly productivity radio show where I interview business owners and experts on productivity topics
– Webinars on productivity and Outlook
– Membership site that helps those interested in self-development to have a well-rounded site that they can access 24/7 –
– Speaking at conferences and regional events on productivity topics

How did you get interested in productivity?

I found myself facing a life threatening illness caused by stress and had to find a better way to work. My passion for helping others with productivity comes from my own personal battle with being a workaholic.

How many meetings do you normally have each week?


What are some of your favorite productivity tips/apps?

– Doodle for setting appointments
– Evernote to keep track of websites and articles
– Teamviewer to access my desktop/laptop/IP from any Internet connection
– Using multiple monitors

5 keys to productivity success: if you do these things well it will reduce stress and increase clarity and focus
– Planning
– Being organized
– Delegate well
– Email process
– Take action

What’s the most recent adjustment that you’ve made to your personal productivity routine?

Reducing the number of networking events I attend, and using Skype when possible for meetings vs. in person.

Do you measure your productivity? If so, how do you do it, and what is your metric?

All my projects and marketing tasks are scheduled on my calendar and daily planning.

What do you think the next productivity trend will be?

Have no idea… I am constantly being amazed.

You can learn more about Cathy Sexton through her website, and be sure to follow her on Twitter, too.

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