Interview with Monica Ricci

What projects are you involved in?

I’m in the midst of writing my first e-book, I’ve also finished putting together a full-day workshop with a colleague called “Speak Up! How to Craft and Deliver Killer Presentations.” I’m also in the process of narrowing the focus of my business and deciding what areas of specialty to add and which I’d like to leave behind, which is very exciting for me.

How did you get interested in productivity?

Productivity is a natural offshoot of organizing. I began my organizing business in the residential realm, but as I began working with small businesses and entrepreneurs I realized that the essence of what I do is facilitate productivity, regardless of the arena.

How many meetings do you normally have each week?

It varies wildly depending on the week. Some weeks I will work with six to seven clients and other weeks I have only one or two client meetings.

What are some of your favorite productivity tips/apps?

Oh how I love apps! Dropbox allows me to access documents, photos and information from any computer which is super handy when I travel. Evernote is like my mental notebook where I store things I want to remember not to forget! 😮 Notability is my iPad note-taking app which allows me to make scale drawings with a stylus, upload those drawings to Dropbox or email them to my client. I can also keep hand-written notes from a client session in Notability, import before and after photos and annotate on top of images. It’s terrific. I’m also a big fan of KeyRing which is a replacement for loyalty cards for grocery stores, gas stations, etc. You take a photo of your key tag’s bar code and Key Ring stores it for you so you just show your phone at checkout and they scan your phone. No more carrying fifteen key tags with you. Ziplist is my favorite shopping list app, and it also gives you access to recipes.

What’s the most recent adjustment that you’ve made to your personal productivity routine?

I started dividing my income as soon as I receive it so when quarterly estimated tax time arrives, the money is already set aside into a savings account. This has made a huge difference in my attitude about paying quarterly taxes, because that tax money never even hits my checking account. Another thing I’ve done is created a specific process for scanning and recording expenses for my mountain home rental business and my medical expenses, which has helped tremendously.

Do you measure your productivity? If so, how do you do it, and what is your metric?

I do not.

What do you think the next productivity trend will be?

I think the next productivity “trend” if you can call it that will not be technology related or have anything to do with work in particular. I think people will begin to say NO more. As our government infringes upon us more and listens to us less, I believe people will begin guarding their privacy and autonomy more carefully. This shift will cause them to evaluate what THEY want to spend their time, money and energy on and not what someone else wants. This clarifying of priorities will embolden them to establish firmer boundaries, to stop over-extending themselves, and put themselves and their families first.

You can learn more about Monica Ricci through her website, and be sure to follow her on Twitter, too.

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