Simplifies everything: Doodle BookMe tested in practice

Foto_fliegender_Masseur K-N KlauckBookMe, the convenient booking service for smaller service providers, has now been in operation for half a year and the number of users is growing steadily.

We will be taking a look behind the scenes in the coming months at very different practical examples of BookMe in action and presenting them in our blog. Today, Flying MED Masseur describes his experienc with the new service from Doodle.

The company

Kay-Nicolas Klauck set up Flying MED Masseur in Zurich in the summer of 2011 and has been offering a wide range of massage styles ever since. His central focus is on the individual needs of each patient.

This not only includes a detailed preliminary consultation, but also the option of choosing appointments of different lengths and a free choice with regard to the location. Because the masseur not only carries out treatments in his own practice rooms, but, on request, also in the patient’s office or home.

Why BookMe?

Kay-Nicolas Klauck single-handedly runs Flying MED Masseur, offering massage treatments as well as taking care of the complete coordination of appointments directly. An enquiry by mobile phone on the train, a request by e-mail to postpone an appointment, an answering machine full of messages after a short break:

The standard organization by phone and e-mail took its toll on time and nerves, was extremely complicated and, in some cases, led to double bookings. When the attention of the massage therapist was drawn to BookMe from Doodle in a meeting in February 2012, he immediately decided to try out the new booking service.

Experiences with BookMe

All the different options for lengths of treatment and location are offered on the Flying MED Masseurs’ BookMe page. His patients have reacted very positively to the option of booking online, with the result that 95% of all appointments are now made via BookMe.

The initial skepticism of Kay-Nicolas Klauck against bringing in an external service has given way to total enthusiasm: “No phone calls and no back and forth via e-mail; I certainly save at least one hour a week through that alone.

Double bookings do not happen anymore and the automatic appointment reminders are also very practical for the patients. And I only realized a while later that I can actually control my complete appointment organization via the mobile phone thanks to BookMe – and that’s something I no longer want to do without.“

As the most important advantages of the service, the massage therapist mentions the time saved and the greater flexibility for his patients, who can now book their appointments from anywhere and at any time, even when he is away on holiday. Kay-Nicolas Klauck is thoroughly impressed by BookMe and has already recommended the service to others.

He adds: “BookMe makes everyday life considerably easier for me as a service provider and even brings additional traffic to my homepage. And all of this at a super price-performance ratio. Actually, in today’s world, it’s almost funny how many companies have not yet realized how useful online appointment booking is for everyone!“

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