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Better printing, preferred option, fixed Kaspersky

Here are the feature highlights of today’s Doodle release:

  • Doodle is about reaching consensus on when is the best time to meet. We try to support this process as much as possible. Today, we introduced a small indication that highlights the currently preferred option (Screenshot). We hope that this will incentivize participants to make this option happen.
  • Better printing: While we suggest to save paper and follow the status of your Doodle polls online only, many of our users wish to print the information once a poll is closed. Now you can print Doodle polls directly from your browser, e.g. pressing ctrl+p. You no longer need to print via the PDF export. Update: Due to popular demand, we rolled back this feature and re-introduced the old PDF functionality on April 24 2013.
  • Many of our users who use the Kaspersky security suite had troubles using Doodle recently. We have introduced a fix for the problem and hope it resolves the issues. Let us know if it does — or doesn’t.

4 comments on “Better printing, preferred option, fixed Kaspersky

  1. Thomas W.

    Please give us back the option to get the PDF when printing!
    – Printing directly forom the browser does not work for wide polls (e.g. 25 days). It only prints the left part omitting the right half of the poll.
    – PDFs could be saved and viewed offline and printed on another PC without Internet access.

    The PDF export was such a useful feature!


  2. Thomas, thanks you for your feedback.

    A lot of users requested in-browser printing because it allows for more flexibility when printing polls, like changing the orientation, etc. However, as always with all these different browsers and system configurations, we are still working on figuring out some issues with certain browsers like yours. Can you send a detailed problem report to

    We also just added the printing as an additional option. You can still download the whole poll as a PDF on the admin tab. And on modern operating systems you also have the option to just print anything into a PDF to save it to your system.

    • Thomas W.

      Thanks for the quick reply. I understand that listening to one’s users is very important and not always easy.
      I will send a problem report as you suggested.
      However, printing on a PDF requires additional software that until a couple of days before was not necessary 🙂
      Also, the admin tab is only available to the admin, while I want to have the PDF option even as not being the admin. Can’t you just offer it as an additional choice when printing?

  3. Thanks for rolling things back and reintroducing the old PDF functionality. In addition to what Thomas W. said, here are two more reasons that I hope you always retain PDF download functionality, at least for the administrator:

    1. On an iPad, there is no way to “Save as PDF” from a print dialog box, so no way to archive a snapshot of the poll if you take away the PDF download functionality.

    2. On a Mac, where there *is* a way to “Save as PDF” from a print dialog box, the PDFs produced that way are uglier, the text is not as clear, and the file takes up about twice as many kilobytes.

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