BookMe: New features and success stories

We’ve added a couple of new features to BookMe:

  • Locations are now optional. This enables virtual companies with no physical locations to also use BookMe.
  • Buffer times: Certain businesses need buffer times before and/or after an appoinment to clean or prepare for the next customer. Such buffer times can now be set individually for each service in BookMe.
  • Lead times define the minimal time span between booking an appointment and the actual appointment to take place. This allows you as the business owner to prevent overly short-term appointments.

And we’ve asked some of our customers about BookMe. Here’s what they say:

  • Eurocentres says: “The first BookMe appointment came in on the first day of offering the new service – and the number of appointments by potential customers from around the world is growing daily.” Learn more
  • Float says: “30%-50% of all appointments are booked through BookMe. Oscar Trott estimates that the center is spending six to eight hours a week less on the phone.” Learn more

3 thoughts on “BookMe: New features and success stories

  1. Prrem Gyani

    Buffer time looks like the saviour to my problems with people just adding to my calendar. Tell me, how do I set it up. these is no obvious option on the Meetme settings page. Thanks, Prem

  2. Prem Gyani

    Thanks. Your support department told me that so I have now got a Bookme account. It’s amazing. Coming to think of it, I do have a question around transferring one the the URLs. I’m sure that will get sorted out soon.


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