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Duplicating polls

One frequent feature request of our users was the ability to copy an existing poll to reuse its settings and some of the content to organize a new instance of a recurring event — e.g., a weekly soccer training or a monthly board meeting.

Yesterday, we’ve added this little feature. It’s called “create a duplicate” in the screenshot below.

The screenshot also shows you all the other things you can do with a Doodle poll, most notably “close”: Please don’t forget to close your polls when they’re done. You’ll be able to select the final date and time and prevent the poll from being edited further. All calendar-integrated users will be especially thankful to you because fixing the final date will free up all tentative events in their calendars and only block the final date.


4 comments on “Duplicating polls

  1. Jeff Warner

    But this doesn’t work as advertised! It duplicate the same days. But for your example of a weekly soccer practice or a monthly meeting I want to duplicate the same parameters (the same days of the week and time slots) BUT I don’t want to exact same days. I wanthese parameters to copied ahead to apply to the next week or month, etc..

    So…. is what I’m asking for possible? Am I missing how to do this?
    If not, could you please add this functionality in. It would make my life way easier and make it more likely for me to use Doodle

    • kennethirwin

      I agree — I want to be able to duplicate the same options for a new time period, such as having the same options on a new week.

      From a UI perspective, maybe I’d like to drag and drop days on the calendar so that by dragging March 3 to March 10, I’d move those same time slots to a different day.

  2. I’m having the same problem as Jeff. When duplicating a poll, if I select new dates I also have to laboriously select new time slots as well, making the experience identical to setting up a poll from scratch. Please either allow the ability to use different dates while keeping the time options intact, or create some templates for common polls, such as one that includes most of a day, for open ended scheduling.

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