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BookMe Improved

Our latest product BookMe allows 24/7 customer appoint scheduling. BookMe is already used by hundreds of businesses such as hairdressers, driving schools, language centers, beauty and wellness studios, etc.

Of course we receive a lot of feedback from these users, and they result in improvements for the product. Here are the latest goodies:

Approval process: BookMe now supports two approval modes:

  • “Automatically accept new appointments”: Every new appointment request by a customer will be accepted by BookMe — and can always be declined again later on. This is the perfect option if your calendar is always up-to-date and you don’t have time to check your BookMe requests regularly.
  • “Manually accept or deny appointment requests”: New appointments are tentative only — you have to accept them first. This is the perfect option if you are always on top of your BookMe requests and wish to have the final say about which appointment to take and when.

Timezones: BookMe now supports timezones. A crucial feature for all our international customers: In your BookMe settings, you can now define a timezone for your business (in the location dialogue). All times will then be interpreted for that timezone.

Free services don’t mention payments: A couple of our users rightfully complained that BookMe emphasizes in the user interface that a customer will be required to pay for the service even if said service is free. The respective message is now suppressed if a service is free.

That’s it for now. But we have a long roadmap for upcoming releases. What are your priorities? Let us know!

BookMe Approval ProcessBookMe Timezones

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