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Revamped Sign-In and Sign-Up

With the latest release, Doodle features a whole new sign in and sign up experience. Our objectives for the redesign were the following:

  • Make the process as seamless and user-friendly as possible.
  • Allow our users to sign in and create an account any time without losing the current state of their work.
  • Improve third-party sign-ups via Facebook and Google.

The accounts themselves remain unchanged. As always, they are completely optional, but they enable a number of advanced features:

  • All your scheduling activity at a glace in a central dashboard,
  • the ability to connect your calendar to Doodle for even more efficient scheduling,
  • the possibility to easily invite your participants directly from Doodle.
Creating a new account
Creating a new account
Signing into an existing account
Signing into an existing account

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