Doodle launches new booking service called BookMe

We’re happy to announce that Doodle is expanding its product portfolio and launching a new service called BookMe. 85% of consumers use the Internet to search for local service providers*, but they primarily book their appointments offline. BookMe will put an end to the flood of phone calls by handling the booking of appointments for hairdressers, therapists, mechanics, consultants, music teachers, sports trainers, and other small and medium service providers. This new booking service is based on Doodle’s philosophy of radically simplifying the scheduling process, and it’s a useful tool for service providers who want to provide online tools for their customers.

How it works
BookMe can act as a standalone Web presence, and customers are able to book appointments with just a few clicks (see example). There’s no back and forth communication because the available times are the only ones that are displayed due to the live synchronization of an electronic calendar. For smaller service providers that can’t afford a dedicated receptionist, BookMe is an attractive option that provides reception, Web presence, reminder, and even marketing functionality. The subscriptions for this professional service are on a monthly basis per connected co-worker and include future updates.

More information

About BookMe

During development, we focused on creating a user-friendly and attractive interface that would enable customers to book appointments without experiencing any obstacles.

– Malte Schiebelmann, Product Manager

We believe that no one should have to waste time when scheduling appointments, and more than ten million Doodle users already save their precious time when scheduling group events. Since 2011, MeetMe has been the solution for one-on-one appointments, and starting today, BookMe simplifies client bookings for service providers.

– Michael Näf, CEO

*Local consumer review survey (2012)

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