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Doodle stats indicate that summer is over and Christmas is just beginning

The chart above includes a collection of keywords that were extracted from Doodle polls in an anonymous way, and the activity patterns reveal that it’s already late to plan events during the summer. On Doodle, summer takes place in May and Christmas happens in November, at least when it comes to scheduling. It’s natural that planning happens up to two months before the actual events take place, but it’s interesting to see that this is reflected so clearly in the stats from millions of events that are scheduled on Doodle each year.

The blue line indicates the overall global activity of online scheduling on Doodle. At the end of the year, global event scheduling declines in a dramatic way, and there’s also a noticeable decline during Easter and the summer months. With that said, there are definitely regional differences. For example, Americans continue to schedule events during the summer while the French stay away from online scheduling for almost two full summer months before they return to their calendars in September.

Do your scheduling habits match the stats in the chart?

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