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Mondays for planning, busy weekends

We schedule meetings on Mondays, and they take place on Fridays and Saturdays. That’s one of the main results from an analysis of all of the meeting polls that are organized through Doodle*. Business meetings with fixed times are most frequent on Thursdays and Fridays, and events that don’t have a fixed time dominate the weekends.

Weekend meetings
We obviously don’t take the break that we deserve because after Friday we continue to be just as active during the weekend. With that said, our data shows that weekends aren’t the time for detailed planning sessions, but instead, they’re dominated by activities that are planned for a whole day or the entire weekend.

Believe it or not, Monday is the least popular day for an event to take place. Does this conflict with our idea of Monday being the typical meeting day? Not really, and that’s because this analysis considers events that need to be scheduled and not recurring events that are already in the calendar.

Mondays are for planning
On the other hand, Monday is the big planning day. There is a clear peak of user activity on Mondays, and the activity level drops slightly during the rest of the weekdays and is very low over the weekend. This is a pattern that is not unusual for Web services like Doodle (compared to news sites or social networks).

This means that schedulers shouldn’t expect replies to their invitations on Saturdays or Sundays, but they can expect replies on Mondays because people are more focused on planning at that time. Just keep in mind that you should offer a range of date options so that your participants have enough to choose from.

*Over 11 million events are scheduled with Doodle every year. We analyzed this data anonymously to discover interesting activity patterns. This post contains the first part of the results.

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