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Faster and more reliable calendar synchronization

If you have an electronic calendar, then you can connect it to Doodle. We provide connectors for all of the major calendar systems, including Google, Outlook, and iCal (beta). All other calendars can be connected via ICS feeds.

Today we’ve released an improved back-end that will synchronize with Google Calendar in a more reliable way. Calendar data that’s being exchanged between your calendar and Doodle will be persistently queued first, which massively reduces the possibility of events being lost in the process. The second major improvement is that you won’t have to wait anymore when you want to access your calendar data on Doodle, like when you’re using the wizard.

The calendar connectors with an online interface (like Google) will immediately benefit from the improvements, but the iCal and Outlook Connector are still under development and will benefit from the improvements with a future update (see update).

Our premium users are also getting an update because our design editor has been revised and extra fields that can request additional information from participants can now be activated after the purchase of a Premium Doodle subscription.

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