Survey shows Internet users could organize their schedules in a smarter way

A recent survey performed on behalf of Doodle (1) shows that while there are simple tricks and tools that can be used to maintain a lean calendar, most Internet users still organize their calendars in a rudimentary way. Nearly half (48%) of the respondents don’t use any of the tips and tricks, and 85% don’t use online tools for sharing calendar data or scheduling events. Earlier Doodle surveys showed that Internet users waste almost an entire week per year with scheduling, which highlights the huge potential for improved management of calendars and appointments.

Most Popular: One Central Calendar

Three of the tips are used more than the others. The first one is Consolidate, which means using one calendar as the central place for the entire schedule (38% of Internet users do this). The other two popular tips are Declutter (keep random notes out of the calendar) and Separate (don’t mix the To-Do List with the calendar).

It’s also interesting to compare the results in the different countries. For example, Americans are more positive about the tips (45% compared to 40% on average), and the Germans dislike the tips the most (14% compared to 8% of the Americans). The British were the most undecided, with the highest share of neutral answers (52%) whereas the French matched the overall responses in all categories.

Doodle Users Stand Out

A parallel survey of Doodle users (2) showed that they are more than twice as positive about the tips and tricks. 94% of Doodle users take advantage of at least one of the tips, which is a very high percentage when compared with average Internet users. The three most popular tips for Doodle users are Consolidate, Declutter, and of course, Simplify (by using Doodle).

See all tricks and tools that can be used to maintain a lean calendar.

(1) Online survey of Internet users from Germany, France, UK, and US by Toluna Inc. (2,000 people; 500 per country)

(2) Survey of Doodle users in the US and the UK (1,250 people)

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