With only a couple of hours to go in 2011, let’s briefly look back before we kick off 2012. Doodle has achieved a lot in 2011, here are a couple of highlights:

» Launched MeetMe, which adds an important new use case: Before, Doodle focussed on group events only, but MeetMe now also facilitates one-to-one meetings.

» Introduced a major redesign which offers a modern user experience, increased usability and cutting-edge technologies.

» Intensified our activities in France by partnering with StoriesOut. They also help us keep the French translation of Doodle up-to-date.

» Added Exchange and iCal to our ever-growing line-up of calendar integrations.

» Reengineered Mobile Doodle to benefit from specifics of modern smartphones. Furthermore, Mobile Doodle now also supports calendar integration, so our users can easily answer meeting requests on the go and within the context of their calendar information.

» Partnered with SevenOne Media to boost our marketing and sales activities in Germany.

» Cracked the important milestone of 10 million monthly users.

We’re thankful to everybody who supports Doodle — and in particular to our many users. Thank you for using Doodle and for helping us reach these milestones. All the best for 2012!

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