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Doodle launches iCal Connector for Mac users

Today we’re announcing the launch of our iCal Connector (beta) that enables Mac users to synch their iCal calendars and use Doodle within OS X. We believe that everyone should be able to use Doodle no matter what calendar system they’re on, and with the launch of the iCal Connector, all of the major calendar platforms are now connected to Doodle, which means that scheduling collaboration can work across all boundaries.

The new iCal Connector is free and easy to install.

Overview of Doodle Calendar Connect

  • Synch: Synchronize tentative and final Doodle appointments with your calendar and avoid double-booking
  • View: View your existing calendar appointments during the scheduling process
  • Publish: Publish your availability in a personal MeetMe profile

Complete connectors are available for Google, Outlook, Exchange, and iCal (beta). All other electronic calendars can be connected via read-only ICS feeds. The Calendar Connectors are free and require a MyDoodle account (also free).

Get started with a few clicks!
Watch the Calendar Connect video!

If you use iCal on your Mac, please download the iCal Connector and let us know what you think!

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